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Earn Money from Home - India Study Channel - Classi Blogger

Earn Money from Home – India Study Channel

Nowadays, most of the Youngsters, Bachelors, Engineering Graduates, House Wives, Retired Persons are searching for doing jobs through their home by the help of internet, i.e., work from home jobs.

Work from Home Jobs is the most often searched and searching keyword in google by graduates, house wives, retired persons in India as well as in Tamilnadu. Still they are searching, searching and searching for doing online jobs from their home. 

if we ask them, did you find the reliable online job to work from home by google search, they will surely say "No".

Because, they can't able to find the genuine companies or websites which providing prompt work from home jobs. Most of the companies providing online jobs are scams. To help them, here i am going to share some information about one of the important website providing a great opportunity to earn money from home. earn money from india study channel_make money from home_classiblogger_image

First of all, i want to inform you that, this website doesn't deals with Data Entry, Transcription, Ad Clicking, Survey Jobs, Form Filling, Reading Emails etc… There is no need for you to invest money to earn revenue from this website. To work with this website, you need some Fluency in English, know to write articles(it may be anything), browsing knowledge, know to response others. Glad you surely have all these qualifications i mentioned here. If you don't have these skills, try to improve yourself, before signing up to this website.

Ok. Let's break the Suspense.

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India Study Channel:

India Study Channel is one of the Leading and Authentic Education Portal in India. They are also awarded as best educational website in India and their main motive is to provide admission guidance to Schools, Colleges, Universities and Educational Institution all over the India. India Study Channel provides reliable and genuine informations about education systems, exam time table, exam results, entrance coaching, question papers etc. Here you can also download, all kind of exam question papers conducted by universities, colleges, schools, central and state government exams, IBPS, IAS, coaching institute exams, the list will goes on.

By using this website, you can get any kind of informations related to question papers, schools, colleges, universties, training institutes for computer courses, bank exams, police exams, fashion designing institutes, centers offering correspondence courses etc. They are not only providing informations about educational institutes, even they clarifies any kind information you want in general.

They are just giving the informations about education systems and their details, then how could i earn money from this website. 

To Sign Up:

Ok. Let's come to the point.

How to Earn Money from India Study Channel?

The India Study Channel includes the categories of,

  • Forum
  • Articles
  • Ask Experts
  • Exam

         Exam Results

         Practice Tests

         Question Papers

  • Members

         Social Hub 

         New Posts 

         Post Content

  • Education


         Learn English

         Study Abroad


  • Institutes




  • More



        My India

We will see all these categories one by one and what are the ways to make money from India Study Channel.

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1. Forum:

The Fourm is generally called as, Indian Discussion Forum and it is a General Discussion Forum. You can make money by just sharing your thoughts, express your views under the topics of About India Study Channel, Education, Entertainment, General, ISC Annoucements, Politics, Sports and General. They will pay you for just writing your thoughts here and you can argue with others by giving reply to their post.

To know more about this, India Study Channel Discussion Forum

2. Articles:

Earn Revenue by just uploading the articles related to Knowledge You Know, children, Desining Ideas, Education, Engineering Projects, Entertainment, Finance, Investments, Home Products and Services, Market your Product, News, Office Products, School Projects, Travel, Tourism and Vehicles. 

The Article you share here must be unique, don't copy the content from other's website, if you do , they will easily find and suspend your account. For each article, they are giving Rs. 40 or more, it's depends on the word count. Try to write the articles without gramatical and spelling mistakes.

For Article Section, Click Here Resources

3. Ask Experts:

It's an important and very interesting section in India Study Channel. You can earn more money by just asking the questions to experts and clearing the doubts of others by answering their questions.

For Example:

If you are having doubt like, 

How to Apply for Pan Card through Online? 

you can immediately go to "Ask Experts" section and post your doubt with summary. By doing this, you can clear doubts, as well as you will earn some money for your question you asked to experts. You can ask any number questions througth this section. 

Like you, the members in India Study Channel post more questions to "Ask Experts' section, if you know the answer for question asked by someone, you can submit your answer and earn money. The categories included in the Ask Experts Section are Doctors, Lawyers, Education, Health, Family, Life, Sports, Government, Religion, Computers, Entertainment, Cities, Places, Finance, Home, Career Guide, Science and Technology.

To Know More about this section click here Ask Experts

4. Exams:

In Exams section, you can update the informations like Exam Results, Practice Tests and any kind of Question Papers. Just upload the scanned or pdf document and earn revenue from this Exam Section.

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5. Members:

In this section, you will not earn money. Here you can get the information about the members of India Study Channel like What they uploaded, what questions they asked, how many points they earned etc… You can also add the members to your profile by using the Social Hub sub category in the Members section.

6. Education:

In Education, the categories are divided in to Admissions, Learn English, Study Abroad and Courses. Here you can get the informations about,admission details of some colleges and schools, learn to speak and write english, you can develop your communication skills, then the details about countries providing studies in abroad and the brief details about the institutes in india providing courses for Programming, Multimedia, Designing, Editing, Spoken English, Fashion Designing Courses etc. Here you can earn money by updating the information about admissions going on other colleges, universities.

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7. Institutes:

Here you can get the thourough updates regarding schools, colleges and universities located in India. Even you can earn money by posting the details about the schools, colleges located in your nearby areas. 

8. Jobs:

In this section, you can post about the job details of any company you knows. But the condition is, you don't copy the content from other website and paste here. Create your own job posting. Type what you know. Otherwise please leave it.

Then why are you waiting for.

Just go to, create your profile and earn Rs. 50,000/Month.

Glad you like the article about Earning Money from India Study Channel. Please share this useful content to others by Facebook, Google+, Twitter and help others to make money from online.

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Nirmal Anandh M
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Nirmal Anandh
Hi, this is Nirmal Anandh M alias Muthu Vinayagam from the "Temple City", Madurai. I am the Founder of this blog. My profession is, as a CEO in ATHIRA Web Services. It's about Work From Home Jobs, Affiliate Marketing, E-Publishing, Data Conversion and Data Entry Projects. you can connect with me @ Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , LinkedIn, Flipboard, Medium and Youtube.

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      To help the graduates who are searching for part time jobs, i decided to post the article related to India Study Channel. 

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