Love Yourself
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Promise Yourself

To be strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind. Always talk health, happiness & prosperity to every person we meet. To make all our friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them. Always think only of the best, to work only for the best & to expect only the best in life.

In life just be enthusiastic about the success of others as we are about our own, try to forget the mistakes of the past & press on to the greater achievements of the future. Wear a cheerful expression at all times & give a smile to every living creature we meet, give much time to improve yourself than you will have no time to criticize others, we need to think well & to proclaim this fact of the world, not in loud word, but in greed deeds.

Self-reverence, Self-knowledge, Self-control…

These three alone can lead to power…


We have to have respect for our own in all manners. We must have habit of own admiration & adoration. We have to be self-devoted person, than other things will be automatically smooth & fine in life. We should adopt the habit of praising our-self in all aspect, in any condition as well as in difficult situations.


Self knowledge is an permanent instrument within us, which nobody can still from us till our breath. We should equipped our self by full of latest information, we can make our self knowledgeable through practical experiences of life & by taking education by different means of education system which we have available around us. We should always have the habit of updating our self & habit of aware with current issues happening around in day to day life.


Self control actual means control on our emotions, behavior & desires in extreme & in difficult situations, in day to day life. Our self concept is how we view our self, how we will experience life. If we see our self in a positive & healthy light, then our life experiences will be positive & healthy. It doesn’t mean that our life will be free of challenges & adversity, but then we will have healthier approach to deal with all of them.

In life, it is important to remind ourselves that no one is perfect. We all have strength & weaknesses. We certainly possess the resources to work on improving ourselves. Each of us is unique & has specific talents and abilities to offer. In order to appreciate ourselves it is up to us to discover what makes us unique & to further develop those talents. We have responsibilities to ourselves to do so. We cannot sit around & wait for approval from others, work on acceptance is ours. “we” are the only “we”, that we have. It is our best interest to be the best we can be. Until we love our self, we will not be able to love anyone else.

How Do We Love Our-Self?

We do so by investing in & working on our personal growth & development. We work on being the best, we understand that we are human, but we acknowledge that we have the potential & spiritual capability to rise above, may be whatever conditions come in our path. When we love our self physically, mentally & emotionally, we take care to look & feel best by nurturing our body, mind & spirit.

How Do We Love Our Body?

We should take care of our body by eating well, exercising & getting plenty of rest, for better results we should prefer some wonderful books available that can help us to learn what types of food & exercise are good for our particular body type.

How Do We Love Our Mind?

We should not take our mind for granted, our mind need nourishment & exercise too. Stimulate by learning about new & interesting things. Always keep your mind active, which helps to maintain memory & brain functions at optimum level.

How Do We Love Spirituality?

If we take care of our mind & body but neglect our spirituality part, we will lacking balance & we will start feeling that something is missing in our life, so take care of spirit rejuvenates which help to deal with the daily stress & challenges of everyday in life.

When we love our self, we invest in our personal growth & development, we endeavor to be the best that we can be & we strive to achieve our potential.

Let’s FLY (First Love Yourself)

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life.

Be happy now.

Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future.

So… If you don’t love yourself enough, now onwards start taking care of your body, mind & spirit, you will not only became more self-aware but you will generate feelings of worth & accomplishment.

As we all know that life is one time chance, so always FLY in this beautiful world.

The world is yours only, yours & actually yours. I strongly believe that…

“Life is not a matter of Milestones, but of Moments”

Author Bio: JFM Rajshree Bhaje, Provisional National TRainer & IPZP, Zone – IX, JCI India.

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