A blog could be a blog, if it has enough traffic from readers. A blog without readers is like a shop without customers. Getting traffic is not an easy one. We have to work hard, no, we have to work smart. Hard work will take more time to wins the race, if you work smart you can easily get anything. But hard work never fails, here am saying about to use your brain, i.e., doing research.

Here I decided to give some of the collective tips to getting traffic to the blog. Up to my knowledge, I write these tips for you all. Forgive me if I’ve done any mistakes. Let see about that,

  • Learn more about “SEO” & “SMO”. Do more research regarding Search Engine Optimization.
  • Try to learn about “How to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool”.
  • Submit your site to webmaster of Google, Yahoo and Bing like search engines. Sign up for webmaster tools and submit your site.
  • Create fan pages for your blog and integrate fan page plugins of networking sites Facebook, Google+, Orkut, Twitter etc to your blog.
  • Create a group and join the groups of other bloggers in Facebook.
  • Search the domain name of your blog in Yahoo, Bing, Google, Altavista like search engines.
  • Submit your site to free website submission services.
  • After creating an article, don’t forget to post the article to groups in Facebook.
  • Create a video about your blog and submit it to youtube, vimeo, blinq etc by mentioning your domain name.
  •  Make a powerpoint presentation about your blog and post it in to scribd & 4shared.
  •  Manage subscription list of your readers to follow them correctly. Use “Google Feedburner” for best subscription maintenance.
  •  Create a free ebook about your niche in the blog and announce free ebooks offering to your readers and subscribers.
  •  Bookmark your favorite bloggers and visit their blog daily to put a comment on their post. It’ll get you more backlinks.
  •  Don’t forget to reply for the comment of your readers. Use commentluv plugin for comment section.
  •  Use pingomatic.com and other pinging services to ping your blog, if you post a new article in your blog.
  •  Submit your post to pinterest.com and “pin” other users to get traffic to your blog.
  •  Don’t forget to share your post with Stumbleupon and Linkedin. Both of these sites are Google-Friendly. If possible, create a group about your blog in Linkedin.
  •  Submit your blog to free web directories.
  •  Respect and Response your readers, if you do this, you will get traffic by “MouthTalk”.
  •  Use keywords for every article you post in your blog. Use the tag section to enter your keywords. Before doing this, do better research on keywords using Adwords or other SEO tools.

Above these are simple tips to get more traffic to your blog. If you have any ideas regarding getting traffic to website, just comment below. It will be useful to me and also to other readers like you.

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