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Amazing Facts about Human Brain

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The brain is our control center and a fantastically complex organ containing millions and millions of nerves that can simultaneously controls all the parts of the human body. It operates the internal organs, store and recalls memories, and generates thoughts and memories.

Thus, here are few amazing information about the human brain that will really be mind-blowing and interesting to read on.

  • Human brain weighs approximately 3 pounds (1.4 kg) and in a research it has been found that a typical human brain has the capacity to store 1 to 10 Terabytes of data during its whole life cycle.
  • A human brain has 75% of water and has the consistency of tofu or gelatin.
  • While awake, a human brain has the capacity equal to light a bulb.
  • Human brain is the largest and most powerful sex organ.
  • The surface area of the human brain is 230-470 square inches.
  • Neurological complications occur with at least 70% of the patients who are diagnosed with AIDS.
  • During pregnancy at early stage, approximately 250,000 neurons develop per minute. After birth, a new born baby’s brain development triples in just one year. Also, a mother’s illness may severely affect the development of fetal brain cells and even maternal smoking, drinking, prenatal exposure to any chemical products or heat may affect the brain development of the baby.
  • A women’s brain shrinks during the pregnancy and takes about six months to regain its normal size.
  • Humans grow faster during the night time than the day time since the gland named pituitary gland, releases a growth harmone at night time while a person sleeps.
  • The sense of smell has a strong connection with the brain cells. That’s why smells often evoke emotions.
  • Human brain is three times larger than the other mammal’s brains which are in the same size as humans.
  • The left side of your brain controls right side of your body whereas right side of the brain controls the left side of your body.
  • A brain chemical called oxytocin makes you feel love.
  • You have an average of 70,000 thoughts per day.
  • Dreaming requires more brain activity than when you are awake.

Following these amazing facts, let’s see few other topics related to brain below.


Why do we dream? 

Some researchers say that dreams serve no real purpose, while others believe dreaming is essential to the mind’s health and physical well-being. However, below are few of the common dream symbols and their meaning.


These types of dreams can symbolize a literal desire to produce offspring, or need to feel loved.

Being chased: 

These dreams symbolizes that you are feeling threatened and fear for being caught. This means that you have some kind of emotional problems.

Missing a flight or any other transport:

These dreams symbolizes your frustration towards life and if you have missed any biggest opportunity recently. This type of dream is common when you are struggling to make a big decision.

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Killing a person:

This dream does not make you a closet murderer. It shows your desire to kill any part of your personality. It can also show your hostility towards the person (in dream) whom you don’t like.


A calm pool can reflect inner peace whereas as a choppy ocean can symbolize your mind’s emotional problems.


This may indicate our anxieties about letting go, losing control over a situation, or falling down after a good success.

Along with these facts, let’s see most important foods that may boost up your brain power. Since it becomes essential to stay mentally and physically fit, it becomes essential to follow all these food types.

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Researchers have found that a powerful antioxidant named lycopene found in tomatoes stimulate the brain cells and help a lot for the brain development.

Pumpkin seeds:

Just a handful of pumpkin seeds a day can enhance your thinking power and memory in which you get enough amount of zinc required for brain development.


A great food to improve your brain strength is broccoli. It is rich in vitamin K which enhances the brain power more.

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Generally fish is considered a great source of food for your health. In accordance to that, these omega-3 rich foods boost up your brain’s activity and make you feel fresh and energetic.


Nuts like Cashew, almond, raisins are rich in vitamin E which helps to prevent cognitive decline especially in elders.

Glad you like this post.

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