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Do you want to stop snore while sleeping?

This is the article you must read. It is said that snoring is often due to overindulgence (satisfaction) in some of the life’s pleasures. The sound you hear when someone snores is caused by the vibration of the relaxed, floppy tissues that line your upper respiratory tract. Instead of air flowing smoothly through the lungs it flows with the gusts and rusts.

Even a long day work may desperately make you snore sometimes. Are you one among 45% of normal adults who snore at least occasionally? Or your snoring problem has started to be a chronic one?

Do you like to cure the problem of snoring and like to stay calm while you sleep?

Let’s check out the ways to get rid of snoring here:

Instead of depending on the stop-snoring pills which may be harmful to your body try to follow these remedies.

Lose Weight:

The first and foremost step for snoring may be your overweight. Check your weight once, calculate your BMI. If you have the right body index mass then there is nothing to change. If your Body index mass is more then it means that you should definitely reduce weight.

But however, for some people it works well but for some may not work. Also, if you have more body fat around your neck, it squeezes the internal diameter of the throat making it more likely to trigger snoring.

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ebook-cover_classiblogger_stop snoringAvoid Alcohol:

Alcohol or sedatives makes the throat sore and thus may cause snoring. Also, drinking alcohol four to five hours before you go to bed makes snoring even worse. Even people who don’t normally snore may snore after they take alcohol.

Stay well Hydrated:

Drink lot of fluids especially plain water which prevents the Snoring. Researchers say that snoring may occur also due to dehydration. It is necessary for women to take 11 cups of water daily apart from all other foods and fluids and men should take 16 cups of water daily.

Open nasal passages:

When your nasal passages don’t have enough clear way to breathe fresh air then it triggers snoring. It may be due to cold or any other problem your nasal passage may be blocked causing this problem. A hot shower before you go to bed can help you to open nasal passages.

Also, practicing Pranayama, an authentic Yogasanam may also help you to get rid of this problem.

Other solutions like changing the position you sleep, changing the pillow or bed you sleep having good healthy sleep regularly may also help to get out from this problem.

In addition to this, do the following test to determine what kind of snorer you are so that you can take appropriate treatments according to that.

Nose Test:

Looking at the mirror, try to close one of your nostrils and leaving other open. Let your mouth be shut at that time. Try to inhale excess of fresh air through the nostril that is open. If you are able to inhale properly your nostril that is open is having no problem. Repeat the same with other nostril.

If you find any of the nostrils to be blocked due to cold or any other problem then it means you may be snoring through “NOSE.” If you find this, you can get the appropriate treatment according to that or follow the remedies concentrating on the nose issues.

Try Breathe Right nasal strips for this with your physician’s advice.

Watch the Video Here and learn how to do this nose test.

Mouth Breathing Test:

Open your mouth and make the snoring noise. Now close your mouth and make the same snoring noise. If you not able to make the noise when your mouth is shut it means that you snore through “MOUTH”.

Try Snore Calm Chin-up strips that helps to keep your mouth shut. Use it under proper medical advice.

Watch the Video about Mouth Breathing Test.

Tongue Test:

If you do not fell in to above two categories then it means you may be snoring through your “TONGUE”. Try to stick your tongue out as far as you could bring it. Try to make a snoring sound by gripping the tongue between your teeth.  If your snoring sound is reduced when you bring your tongue in the forward position then it means that you are a “Tongue based snorer”.

Check out this Video for Tongue Test.

Finally, practice all the remedies above and these simple practices might make a huge difference.

Still you don’t know how to stop snoring. Don’t worry, you can Try this Exercise. The amazing stop snoring exercises are here.

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