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Are you taking enough fluids during your exercising session?

These are few tips to check out yourself that you are staying hydrated at every possible time.

Since it becomes more necessary to stay hydrated during your exercising session or during hot weather it is important to replace the fluids that you are losing via sweating. Perspiration or sweating rate may vary from one person to other and also depending upon the conditions. Person A’s sweat rate may vary greatly when compared to person B. Thus, it becomes necessary to understand your own body and your own sweat rate.

But, you may wonder is there any way to detect this sweat rate. The good news comes here that you can absolutely check out your own sweat rate using a simple and easy method. Doesn’t it sound interesting? For this you just need a bathroom scale. That’s it.

And then you follow these three steps to calculate your sweat rate.

Step one:

Step on the scale before you start up your exercise session.

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Step two:

Keep track of how much amount of fluids you drink while your exercising session.

Step Three:

Weigh yourself after exercising and before urinating. (Remove your clothes if they are wet) Here comes the procedure for doing the calculations. Half litre of fluid weighs approximately one pound. If you weigh exactly the same before and after the exercise it means that you have done a good work.

This means that the fluid losses were roughly equal to the fluid you took in before you started the exercise. In turn, if you feel one pound lighter it means that your sweat rate exceeded your fluid intake (you took before starting the exercise) by approximately half litre. For example, Let’s see the sweat rate of a person A while running using simple calculation.

Weight before the exercising session: 150 lb

Weight after the exercising session:  149 lb

Fluids consumed during the exercising session: 20 ounces

Duration for exercising session: 2 hours

This is calculated as 150 lb – 149 lb = 1 lb (where 1 lb= 16 oz) 16 oz + 20 oz = 36 ounces 36 oz divided by 2 hrs = 18 oz

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Thus, the person A loses 18 oz per hour while running. However, the sweat rate also differs during each climate conditions and also during each type of exercise. That means the sweat rate during the summer will not be same during the winter.  Similarly the sweat rate will not be the same during running when compared to walking. Make a note of this too.

Knowing your sweat rate will help to regulate your hydration levels and also keep on updated that you are properly hydrated by checking your urine, thirst and mood. If your urine is in dark yellow color with a strong smell that means that you are not properly hydrated and if you have dry mouth problem it is also because of dehydration.

Also choose water instead of other soft drinks to bring down your thirst.  Reduce the intake of caffeine since it results in dehydration. Often check your mood that you are light-headed or having headaches which are the symptoms of dehydration. However, some may be struggling without knowing how much amount of fluids to take according to their body range.

Those people can take this sweat rate calculation to be clear about their own body and to determine how much fluid they lose and how much they need to replace during the exercise. Drinking enough fluids throughout the day is most necessary for the older adults. So, whom ever you are always keep you hydrated at very possible time.

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