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Many of you will be often missing your daily routine at the gym, either due to busy schedule or just because of plain laziness.  This is quite normal until you realize that in one week you have to attend a wedding. You wish to wear your favorite figure hugging dress but could not do that because of your ugly flabby stomach bulging out.  You would be reluctantly worried and your mind will be wandering with the thoughts of how to reduce this and show yourself gorgeous with a slim stomach.

Though one week is a less duration to reduce weight you can rather hopefully give a best try with the following easy tips to get rid of the waistline flab and achieve the flat toned stomach.  And you don’t have to completely change your diet habits to get a slim stomach. Whether it’s a sign of beauty or health a flat toned slim stomach is something that many people crave.

That can be easily obtained if you follow these tips in your regular diet.

1. Take less amount of sodium (salt) in your foods which will help you from unnecessary bloating. Since water gets more attracted to the sodium it retains more fluid in your body which results in a puffy appearance and sluggish feeling. Reducing the amount of sodium will also help you to reduce the risk of hypertension and ostereoporosis (an disease that affects the bones of the body).

2. Avoid bloating beverages such as alcohol, hot chocolate, more amount of tea and coffee, and acidic juices. These are high-acid drinks that will irritate your intestine.

3. Avoid fizzy drinks like coca-cola, Pepsi (including diet Pepsi) which makes your tummy to bloat.

4. It might be good to take a quick minty breath- boost, but are you aware that chewing gum causes stomach bloating? When you have chewing gum you also swallow air along with it. All that air getting inside your body causes belly bloating resulting in a excess storage of fat in your tummy.

5. Foods seasoned with excess of spiciness will also cause tummy bloating. So avoid foods spicy foods that are heavily marinated with cloves, chillies, nutmeg, barbecue sauces or vinegar.

6. Ditch all the fried items like dough nuts, chips, fried chicken which may take more time to digest and make you feel heavy.

Following these may seem to be little difficult initially. But, when you start to follow on a regular basis it will turn into your day-to-day habit which can’t be given up.

In a contradiction to this let’s also check out the best foods that help in the guaranteed weight loss and helps to get flat slim stomach. They are:


Oats do magic in weight loss as they contain high quantity of fiber. Having a bowl of oats in the morning make you feel full and also help you to boost your metabolism rate thus resulting in weight loss.


This nutritional fruit helps you more in weight loss since it also rich in fiber as that of oats and make you feel full.

Dark Chocolate:

Gone are the days when you think that chocolates are one of the major reasons for weight loss. Here, there is good news that dark chocolate helps in weight loss since it is rich in cocoa which is in turn rich in antioxidants and helps in slimming.


This type of fish although has fairly high fat content, it also contains healthy omega-3 that is an essential fatty acid that serve as a good weight loss tool.

Brown Rice:

If you wanna get slim stomach ultimately try this kind of rice which is less in calories and rich in fiber.

In addition to this, if you try to do simple exercises like walking (for half-an-hour per day), skipping will help to improve your metabolism rate and also helps in quick weight loss to get a slim toned stomach.

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