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Are you aware of the word “Internship”?

Hope most of you are aware of it and have started to look for the best internship trainers. But seriously, what is the benefit of doing the internship? Have you ever thought of it? Do you search for the internship just because everyone has started to do so?

If that is your case, read the pros of the internship and the benefits you get after you finish that. Let’s see those important points about doing Internships.

What is “Internship”?

Initially, do you really know the meaning of Internship?

An Internship is an opportunity provided by an employer to the potential employees.“Intern” means a student working at a firm for a fixed limited time, sometimes without pay in order to gain work experience. Interns are mostly Undergraduates or students who have not yet found employment in their respective fields. Usually, Internship’s duration ranges right from one week to 12 months based on the students and the vacation period. It can either be done as part time or full time depending upon the company which offers you the internship opportunity.

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Why “Internship”?

An internship offers real time working experience for the students to gain the hands-on experience in their desired subject or in the subject in which they want to excel. Determinant student put forth himself in the internship projects and start to work towards it to gain practical knowledge about the subject so that it will be really helpful during his job interviews. But however, internships emphasis on training rather than the real employment. Unlike the conventional employees, interns are just who work in a temporary position for an employee in the industry.

Why companies offering Internships?

Companies offer students internships for variety of reasons like

  • If it is for a short duration, the employers can get cheap or sometimes even free labour. This will be normally for a low-level office based works.
  • If it is for a long duration, employers get the free advertisement about their company, products, the way of production, etc. Surveys also reveal most of the employers try to take the ex-interns as their full time employees after their graduation since they do not have to train them again and moreover they would have understood the company better.

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Salary on Internship:

Most of the professional students commit to an internship under “paid basis”. Students from Engineering field, Finance, Accounts, technology, and business enroll under paid basis in which they are paid at the regular intervals for the work they do during the internship period.

Benefits of Internships:

  • The initial thing is the employers are more interested to hire the employees with prior experience.
  • Students can build healthy relationships with the company recruiters and employees which may help them to get placed in the same company in future.
  • Some companies even offer sponsorship for the brightest students at top most Universities with the assurance of job after the course completion.
  • Improved academic performance by the students who have undertaken internship programs.

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How to get into an Internship?

Internships are highly competitive, in fact even most of the internships receive more applications than the employer’s graduate schemes. In order to get the internships, the student must undergo interview process after which they will be selected for doing internships with their concerns.

  • For many internship applications, the deadline to apply is the end of January or even earlier. Employers start to scan on those applications and select the eligible students as soon as they start receiving the applications. Thus, make sure to apply for the internships as quickly as possible.
  • When making the internship application don’t forget to include particular skills and how you might be relevant for the role you are applying. Along with this if a student has done any prior projects on that subjects it will be an additional benefit for him/her.
  • Along with academic excellence you should be having analytical and problem solving skills, good communicative skills and industry specific commercial awareness.

Thus, after taking part in to a successful internship you are sure to shine in your field with more understanding and practical knowledge of the subject.Make most of your time, ask questions, interact with the trainers, and apply creative and innovative ideas to your subjects and more than this, try to be friendly with all with whom you work with.

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