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Many newbie bloggers spend lot of money to launch their website through strong advertising campaigns and much more ways.

Do you really know that there is no need to spend even a penny to build your own traffic to your websites or blogs?

It is enough if you know few smart tricks and ideas to promote your blog or site without spending money. Here, let’s see the list of few websites using which you can build strong reputation among the web world and attract more traffic automatically. Here is the list of websites to boost your blog traffic. It is worth knowing about these Social bookmarking websites now.

Those sites are:


Bizsugar was created by DBH communications in 2007. DBH, Inc is a successful provider of award winning business magazines named Kansas City small business magazine and Business Intelligence Report. Later in 2009, Bizsugar was acquired by Small Business Trends LLC, a company that publishes websites and online solutions for most of the small businesses.It is absolutely a platform that really helps you to promote your blog’s content for free.

The site mainly aims to deliver the content that every single blog owner requires. It is an excellent platform which allows you to share your business blog posts, videos and other content on a free basis that makes others to learn from your posts. It also indirectly serves as a good reputation builder since the readers who come across your topics are likely to visit your blog automatically.If you really have worthy contents, you will get more contacts and your site gets popular within no time.

You may get genuine votes for the worthy post and your posts are even likely to take part in top ten posts of Bizsugar every week. This way of reputation drastically saves you more time and within a short period you will be able to make more fans ultimately.

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This is a site just similar to the It allows you to submit articles based on the topics like business, SEO, SEM, Web development and so on. The main purpose of this website is also to promote healthy relationships between the blogger and the commenter. It also serves to be a platform to establish your sites to the web world.



This site is something different that it allows you to link up your twitter account with this site. The only thing you have to do for this is, register yourself and create your own account with As soon as you sign up you get 100 bonus credits. Members can earn credits when they retweet or like your tweet. The more credits you earn the more followers you get.

Not only retweets but also you can earn Facebook likes, Google plusones to your blog posts so that you can directly get contacts from the social networks and thus earn more traffic automatically.

The best thing about is that you can share any posts not just the latest.


This is another famous social bookmarking site which allows you to post general topics posts. Fark picks up the most worthy contents from all over 2000 submissions they get daily.The Fark services like Farkit button is the easy way to get the news on your site linked to Fark by just including the easy-to-install script.

It was launched in 1999, it is one of the oldest site and thus has more popularity among the web world. You can find any possible articles based on the topics related to General news, sports, geek, entertainment, etc.  Every article is displayed after the approval of the Fark moderators and also has tag described along with each article namely cool, sad, Amusing, Asinine to describe the content from the moderator’s perspective.

At the right side of each article there is a link to the discussion forum where the commenters can leave their opinion, suggestions about the topics posted. They can even post the pictures related to the article and simply argue with other users anyone who have different idea about the topic.

Thus, using these bookmarking sites you can bookmark your contents in any of these websites or all the sites which will allow you to make free traffic to your website or blog. You can see tremendous improvement in your blog’s development in no time. But before you submit any links or articles make sure that they are worthy one.

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