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Obviously, as every blogger know that submitting a website to a search engine will definitely boost more traffic to his site. It is more important to make the search engines realize your presence. Of course, many of them will find your blog eventually, but however you can help them to find your blog more easily.

The following are the links that can be checked to promote your blog’s advertisement by submitting to them.

  • Submit URL to Google
  • Submit URL to Yahoo
  • Submit to open directory
  • Submit it to Bing


The very first search engine is Google which is more popular than any other search engines in the world. Submitting your site to the Google index means, your site will appear in the search results of Google. Adding yourself to the index does not mean that your site will be put up in first page or next couple of pages.

Let’s see the steps to add the URL  to the Google

  • Go to Google add URL.
  • The following site: (You will get this link after you sign in your Gmail account).
  • Type your URL of your site. Make sure that it contains the home page.
  • Type the verification code in the CAPTCHA to confirm that you are not spamming.
  • Click Add URL button at the bottom of the page.

But understand, your request for site to be added will be processed and Google does not guarantee that its web spider will definitely index your site. Do not submit the site multiple times which may flag the site as spam.



Yahoo is a both search engine and directory. By submitting your site to the Yahoo’s human edited directories you have better chance of being found by purely spider driven search engines like Google.

Just like you submitted your site to Google, Yahoo too has the same procedure to follow. Visit the below link to submit your site to Yahoo. Remember, you should have a yahoo mail id in order to do this.

Open directory:

The open directory project is the web directory of Internet resources. A web directory can also be called as huge reference library. This directory is hierarchically arranged according to the subjects. This is maintained by community editors who evaluate the sites that are submitted to include in this directory. If you pass that evaluation, then your site will be added to this directory.

This is actually not a search engine and thus the rules and regulations are little strict for any websites submitted to this directory. Since the editors consider quality more cautiously, they accept only the sites that abide by their rules and policies. Thus, if your site is legitimate, built consistently in a genuine way with frequent updates you can surely get through the evaluation.

The rules and policies are:

  • Initially, check whether your site is eligible for the submission to the ODP.
  • Do a quick search in the directory at (the home of the open directory) to make sure that site is not already existing.
  • Identify the category of your site and submit it accordingly. If submitted in a wrong category, your site may be rejected.
  • After submitting to the suitable category, go directly to the official site and  click on “Suggest URL” link. Descriptions of the site must be made in a genuine manner and not in a promotional attitude. Also, making use of auto submission software is a violation and it may lead to the rejection of your site.

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Bing :

Bing is the search engine of Microsoft which popularly being used next to Google and Yahoo. Submitting a site to the Bing has the same procedures just like submitting sites to Yahoo and Google. To submit a URL please visit the following link:

Visit this site, enter the site’s URL. Type the Captcha to indicate that you are not a bot or spammer. Hit submit. You are done with it. To know this in detail visit the following URL

Remember, submitting your URL to search engines won’t suddenly, bring an overwhelming traffic to your site. However, it does means that your blog is now on the search engine’s radar screens and has a chance of being picked if the keyword matches.

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