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Reasons That May Delete or Suspend Your Blog

Possible reasons that may delete or suspend your blog

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As all of us know, Google Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platform that run millions of blogs at the same time. It is a free service platform to expose your talents, share your own post, images and interesting articles you come across. But however, even though it is free of service, Google cannot allow you to post irrelevant data, pornographic or spam messages or any other things that violate the Google’s quality policy. If any of them violate the policies, Google will simply delete their blog or suspend their blog temporarily.

If that happens, anyone can realize that it is very tough for any growing blogger to get good reputation among his audience. So be cautious in this and better read all the quality policies clearly.

But above all, the shocking news is, even some of the reputed blogs are deleted or suspended by Google. Lots of people asking in the Blogger help forum that why their blog was deleted, even when they didn’t do anything wrong. But the actual reason is, they must be doing some mistakes without their actual knowledge. Thus, here let’s see those types of unknown mistakes that must be considered seriously to prevent your blog from getting deleted for no reason.

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  • Hate Speech:

Google allows you to publish your contents, express your opinions even if it a controversial one. But don’t cross your borders by publishing any “Hate Speech” that may seriously promotes hatred or violence towards particular groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status of any person and sexual orientation, etc.

For example, don’t write post such as “members of Race X are criminals”.

  • Crude Content:

Do not post any contents that may bring sudden shocks or tremor to anyone who looks at that post. For example, posting a collection of close-up images such as gunshot wounds, accident scenes, bomb blast scenes without proper perspective may cause heart attacks to someone. Thus, such posts may violate the Google policies and will be deleted from the site.

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  • Violence:

Do not threaten any one on your blog. For example, don’t post any death threats against a single person or group of people. Also do not encourage your visitors to take violent action against another person or group

  • Adult Content:

Posting adult contents, images, videos that contain nudity and sexual activity is strictly prohibited in Blogging. Also it does not allow making money through sex related advertisements or links to the commercial porn sites.

  • Child Safety:

Google is strictly against the child pornography. Any content or post seemed to promote child pornography is immediately deleted and a complaint is placed against the particular person responsible for the post.

  • Personal and Confidential Information:

Any post that shares other person’s personal details such as Bank PIN number, Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, etc will be noticed by Blogger and account will be suspended immediately. However, Blogger does not consider if the information is already available in the internet or public records.

  • Spam Detection:

Blogger can delete the blog that is suspected to be a spam. There are many cases that come under spam category.

For example, if any links found that drive traffic towards your blog or to move it up in search engines, commenting on your own post, commenting on others blog solely for the purpose of the promotion of your blog, etc will terminate your account with Blogger.

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  • Illegal Activities:

Don’t use Blogger to engage in illegal activities or to promote dangerous and illegal contents. For example, don’t author a blog that encourages any one to drink and drive.

  • Impersonating Others:

Please don’t confuse or mislead the visitors by pretending to be someone else or pretending to be an organization with a fraudulent attitude.

  • Malware or Virus Detection:

Do not create any blog that transmits viruses, malwares, and cause pop-ups, asking user’s to visit any illegal links or install any software without reader’s knowledge. This kind of activity is strictly prohibited and your account will be immediately banned and terminated.

  • Content Copyright Violations:

Blogger has very strict Copyright Policies. If you repeatedly copy other’s content and if that user report it to the Google DMCA then, your site will be deleted. Thus, do not copy others contents and post it on your blog.

If your blog is lost by any of these above reasons, it means that you have lost your entire hard work. And another important suggestion is, please don’t leave your blog’s link in other people’s blog comment form. If that person marks your comment as spam then automatically your blog will be submitted to the blogger for deletion.

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  1. Hi M Nirmal,
    Nice share. These reasons are enough for a blogger to get his/her blog deleted or suspended.
    This post will help newbies bloggers to avoid these mistakes.
    Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

    1. Hi Kuldeep,

      Ya Sure. This post is enough for newbie bloggers to safe their blog get suspended or deleted. Thanks for dropping your comment here. Keep coming.

  2. It is right that Google is making his move on Blogger blogs now. If a blogger already following policies then he need not to worry about anything. These reasons tell what can be the reason if deletion happen to blog of any blogger. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Google have right permission to delete or suspend your blogpost if you violation any kind of those contents. And I think not only Blogger, most of other hosting providers do the same.

  4. Hi Nirmal,

    I am strongly agree with you, truly all these causes which you define here all are main object which through anyone can delete his or her blog, In last update google penalize my website by pure spam that’s why I need to delete that website.. great work.. today is my first visit on your blog.. this is great place for know technical information..

    Mohd Arif

  5. blogger is one of the best free platform to start blogging for beginners … we can start blogging with little knowledge of html and seo , but the problem with free sites we dont know when it will br blocked our site with free platforms , i did not banned with blogger but i got blocked from weebly , because i used some custom coding with in 24hrs i got a mailed you have used heavy custom coding , you should use only the providing resources or tools to develop a blog … nearly 8 hours are created a beautiful blog next morning got blocked my site.. yeah above reasons are i do agree it clearly mention in t.o.s… i just shared my experience thanks for the post nirmal.. good & useful post for the beginners

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