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How Technology Has Improved Professions

How Technology Has Improved Professions

Technology has brought on so many changes, and it’s just getting faster and better. There are many people who criticize the changes that technology brings, citing different jobs that have virtually disappeared and people who have been left without work because they couldn’t adapt to the new wave.

But even with all the downsides, there’s still so much it brought to the table and it has literally saved lives. So, let’s see how modern technology improved jobs.

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Medical Tech

Today, we are able to perform medical procedures that would be either impossible or extremely high-risk just a decade ago. You can now put a stent into someone’s heart as a minimally invasive surgery. The technological improvements, from robotic surgeries to re-growing organs are miracles of modern science and technology.


Work From Home Opportunities

There’s a reason why in the past, mothers would stay at home with their kids and take care of them while the fathers would go out and work. Sexism aside, there’s a real need for someone to stay with the kids, but today there’s also a need for two incomes if you want your kids to live a good life.

Technology has allowed people who need to stay at home for any reason to still be able to earn a living while working remote jobs. And it’s not just technology-related jobs, either. Personal assistant, retailer and writer are just a few titles you can get by working remote. Not to mention that you can choose part-time and full-time work, or set up your own working hours, depending on the company.


Advanced Education

“If we teach today’s students the way we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” is a quote from 1915, and it can absolutely still be applied today. Education is very slow to change, as it’s often a victim of the “if we did it this way, why can’t they” mentality.

But we have so many options to improve education today, and if we want the best for the generations to come, we need to give them the best tools – and today, that means technology. But besides helping with studying, it can also help students support themselves whether they tutor others or sell notes that they made during their studying. So let go of the past presumptions about technology in studying and embrace the positive changes that come with tech advancements.


Digital Marketing

We spend so much time looking at screens. When you’re walking down the street, you’re more likely looking at your phone than around yourself. Which means that traditional ways of marketing like billboards and posters just don’t cut it anymore.

And so, the marketing industry has migrated online, where ads, both direct and subliminal, are abundant. This is not only changing the way marketers think, but designers also, as creating something for a digital platform is much different than creating for print.



Speaking of jobs – let’s talk about getting one. Nobody goes store-to-store to drop off their CV anymore – they simply fill out an application online. And in that application, you’re asked to link your LinkedIn or other profile, to support your claims.

Nearly 90% of all recruiters said they hired someone through LinkedIn, and you can bet that when they’re deciding who to hire, a part of the background check includes looking at your Facebook profile. It allows recruiters to get the whole picture about a person, and not just the polished version that is presented on their CV.



Touching back on a subject similar to working from home, there’s a rise in people collaborating and sister studios opening all over the world. Because of cloud sharing, multiple people from all over the world can work on a single project together, at the same time, making it easier than ever to collaborate with people who live on the other side of the globe.

This has not only brought opportunities for people, but has given birth to some amazing cross-cultural collaborations in arts and science, since people can bring the different approaches they have in their culture.

Technology brings so much good to our lives, but like everything, we have to make sure we are using it in moderation, and to really bring improvements, and not just for shortcuts that will end up costing us in the long run. As long as we support technology responsibly and approach it with the right attitude, it will bring a lot more improvement in the years to come.

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