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How Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Mobile App Development

Mobile app ecosystem or mobility have made remarkable changes in our day-to-day lives.  And it is believed that mobile apps have changed the approach towards our daily activities be it entertainment, online shopping, booking a cab etc. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence is equally having a significant impact on our gadgets with the mobile apps.

AI has now become multi-faceted with a broad range of implications, especially in mobile app solutions. AI works best In various levels from deep learning, advanced machine learning to Natural Language Processing (NLP) as well as advanced algorithms. AI thus helps in creating unique new applications, and also user interaction with those apps.

Ai self-learning apps have grown into various aspects. Presently most mobile apps are complex with loads of content. This makes the audience to be engaged quickly by allowing the users to learn interactively and intuitively. The far-reaching impact of Ai on mobile app development has begun to get shaped.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Mobile App Development-classiblogger

Now let’s go through the various ways how AI is changing the mobile app development process

AI to impact our User engagement

Ai has been leveraged on multiple apps for driving user engagement as well as business growth. A stagnant algorithm is not effective in engaging the users based on the user behavior. AI assist in engaging the users depending on the different response patterns and the behavior of the user.

AI-based apps draw a considerable amount of information from the user and analyze the user data as well as the user behavior to fix various issues. Demographic data of the users like the user location, buying patterns, contacts etc. can deliver a lot of information about the user. It tells us about the user’s daily behavior which is taken by AI to allow apps to serve the user better. With the modern products, AI gets quickly integrated.

Smart home gadgets and Applications of AI

IoT and the smart home gadgets are getting a more significant push for the mobile apps to penetrate into different walks of the daily life. Owing to smart home gadgets, our mobiles are being filled with Ai powered mobile applications like AI based smart alarms, which learn the sleeping patterns, and tries to wake up accordingly. The connected mobile app has also integrated the same AI level. Therefore, smart gadgets are providing yet another push for AI in the mobile app.

You can see the latest emergence of AI-based smart platforms from various mobility companies as another push for this particular integration. Some examples are Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana etc. The google assistant when integrated with the music app learns from the listening pattern and suggest tracks accordingly. Siri has learned our accent with time and can convert our speech into text.

Rising demand for personalized user experience

Fulfilling the demand for personalized experience is the most significant mover for Ai technology. We can expect to be more personalized along with the predictive experience all due to AI. For example, various food apps have been gone further and provided us with personalized menu suggestions based on our wish. This boost engagement significantly and thus plays a significant role in mobile app solution.

Let’s have an idea of different ways where such personalization with the UX is ensured in our daily lives

  1. Voice recognition is the most common facet of customization, which already exists. The apps recognize the user’s voices over a period. The apps register our sound over time. When the app records our voice, the app responds to our various voice commands according to our personal preference
  2. Another facet of personalization is Machine Learning. The apps have started learning about the multiple user attributes and the user behavior in the various situation over time. They respond accordingly.
  3. The advanced algorithms used in apps help in deciphering our intent by analyzing our demographics, and behavior patterns.

AI have adopted widely and is quite successful in many companies like eBay and Amazon, which have proved its potential. With the increasing demands of the consumer from business, the personalization is becoming multifaceted and multidimensional. It boosts the engagement and satisfy us with personalized attributes.

It essentially mimics the human brain by acquiring the data and deciphering it to provide a better user experience with intuitive business processes. The demand for flexibility runs high to address particular concerns of ours, which allows AI based apps to expand and prosper.

 The extensive use and rapid growth of AI in business and daily lives a now becoming a significant phenomenon. AI in mobile app development continues to gain grounds, and therefore we can expect the upcoming AI platforms to consolidate for our cellular interactions. AI is going to revolutionize the way we interact with smart gadgets. It will continue to make mobile apps more intuitive and make them serve us better in surplus ways.

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