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List of Districts in Tamil Nadu and its Special - Classi Blogger

List of Districts in Tamil Nadu and its Special

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Tamil Nadu is the land of Tamils. Tamil Nadu is one of the 29 states of India. The people living in Tamil Nadu is basically and proudly called as Tamilan’s. The capital of Tamil Nadu is Chennai. Tamil Nadu lies in the Southern part of India.

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In Tamilnadu, each district should have some specials. Here we will see about the list of districts in Tamilnadu and their special.

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Madurai – Malligai, Marikolunthu

Tirunelveli – Halwa

Srivilliputhur – Palkova

Kovilpatti – Kadalaimittai

Banrutti – Palaapalam

Marthandam – Honey

Bavani – Jamukaalam

Pollachi – Cocunut

Salem – Mango

Sattur – Karachev, Chilli

Mayavaram – Karuvaadu

Tiruppur – Baniyan, Trouser

Kumbakonam – Seeval, Betel

Dharmapuri – Watermelon, Tamerind

Rajapalayam – Dog

Tuticorin – Salt

Erode – Turmeric, Clothes

Tanjore – Plates, Thalaiyaati Bommai

Nilgiri – Eucalyptus Oil

Ooty – Potato, Tea, varki

Kallidaikurichi – Pappadam

Karaikudi – Thatched Basket

Karur – Mosquito Trap

Thirupachi – Scythe

Kanchipuram – Silk

Nagapattinam – Kola Fish

Pathamadai – Mat

Palani – Panchamirtham, Vibhoothi

Manaparai – Cow, Muruku

Kodaikanal – Pear

Courtalam – Gooseberry

Senkottai – Parota, Chicken Kuruma

Sankarankoil – Biriyani

Ariyalur – Coriander

Sivakasi – Crackers, Match Box, Greeting Cards, Note Books, Printing

Kanyakumari – Pearl, Concha

Tiruchendur – Jaggery

Kulithalai – Banana

Ottanchathiram – Drumstick, Tomato

Hosur – Rose

Nammakal – Egg

Palladam – Chicken

Udupi – Pongal

Virudhunagar – Parota

Tiruchi – Boondi

Vellore – Leather Products

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