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Fashion and style, both belong to the same world. But ask any famous fashion designer they will tell the difference between the two. Fashion is a trend; style is an individual-oriented saga. They say that style is something that any field could use a little. Style icons have emerged to give the world a better perspective of the same. Fashion is no longer limited to the world of divas and movies. Trends and style have found its place in the world of sports, politics, business, and so on.

The millennial’s are all about the internet. Apps like Musically, TikTok, PubG, many more have consumed the youngsters. There is a new practice in a town called watch-party. Watch-parties are something like the famous Mukhbang, but much more glamorous.

A watch party is a little different than the usual videos. It is famous on Facebook. In watch parties, people can watch the videos in real-time, record it, and also interact with the other viewers. It is an excellent way of bringing people around the world together; discuss a common issue of interest and present their views on the same.

Fashion and beauty bloggers often put up IGTV on their Instagram for their fans to watch in real-time. The watch party is similar only better.


 5 Tips To Dress Up For Watch Parties - join the watch party - classiblogger


It is a platform for all such people to get to the supreme crowd at a given point. In the world of glamor, watch parties have found its unique niche. Looking presentable and stylish is of prime importance when it comes to watch parties. But how do you dress up for a watch party? Going all out when it is a fashion watch party is easy and acceptable. But what about when it is a food watch.


 5 Tips To Dress Up For Watch Parties - join the watch party - classiblogger 1


party? Or a political watch party? Well, such watch parties too can use some glamour and style. But how?

Keep it simple:

Keep your look simple, elegant, and stylish. Simple doesn’t mean just in your pajamas. Simple can mean something that you are comfortable in. In the summers, pair up a simple kurta with a flared ankle length skirt.

Add a belt to the look to give your waist a shape, add some accessories and carry a bag. And you are good to go. If you think that a simple and fitness apparel is not fashionable enough, then you are wrong. Right color patterns and accessories can make any dress look stylish.

Accessories make a lot of difference to a particular look. They are the essential tiny details you cannot overlook.


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Accessories are a must. Whether it be a chic look or a comfortable look, you just cannot skip the accessories. But couple them smartly. Too much of accessories might end up looking like a jewelry exhibition show we don’t want that. Keep it minimal; pick the pieces that complement the overall look. Completing the look is a task in itself. Add the accessories according to the time of the day.

For instance, if it is a night party then you can easily opt for dainty earrings and flashy patterns. But during the day it is better to stick to more sober options. Stick to basic colors in the summers. Don’t feel threatened by experimenting. You can go all white and pair it up with some pop-colored shoes; golden bangles; but chose one single color that will compliment the all-white get up.

Your hair needs your attention:

Keep your hair in place for a clean look. In case of a formal watch-party stick to a pinned hairstyle. You can go for a high pony in case you are wearing something with collars. You can leave it down in case you are wearing something that leaves your shoulders bare. But keep your hair tamed and pinned to get a clean and professional look.


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Lips and eyes:

Your eyes speak a million words, so do your lips. Keep them the focus, but pick one. You can either make the eyes pop with eye-shadows and eye-liners or you can pick a bright color to impart the summer vibes. You can never go wrong with nudes.

Pick up a nude shade for your lips that compliments your skin tone and you are good to go. In this new world of “no makeup look” nude makeup is always going to be appreciated with much warmth.


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Mix and match:

It is the time when the fashion world has aced the game of mix and match. While pantsuits will always be edgy, pairing a blazer with chiffon dress is no less. It is the perfect juxtaposition of a feminine touch with a much needed professional edge. Similarly, you can also opt for co-ords; they are stylish, comfortable, and diverse.


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 A watch party is a platform where you can show what you want to. You can utilize this platform to its optimal prospect. Remember people are watching you, live; probably even talking about you; so looking good is crucial. The present world is all about how you hold up yourself. Like they say keep it stylish, always.

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