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Top 7 Companies When It Comes To Reputation Management

Online reputation management is often misconstrued. For some, it is about monitoring social media, while others think of it as a thing related to public relations. These assumptions are usually based on minimum to zero knowledge of what precisely can be done by a reputation management company and what are the positive impacts it has on sales and business.

Companies regardless of their size, can benefit from reputation management companies. This blog will help you understand the work of an online reputation management company and also compare and contrast the top seven choices that we found on the market. We hope that this blog will help you make the right decision for your business. So without much ado, let’s jump right into it!


Why reputation matters

If you decide to take a look back at how the internet was, even a few years, you would be amazed to look at how rapidly things have evolved online.

Back in the day, companies were busy trying to passively sell generic goods to the masses. But today, the consumers know what they want. The interest in customized services has hiked, and also engagement has not only increased but multiplied multifold.  The communication landscape has been flipped. People now have the choice to state their opinions loud and clear, and powerfully approve or disapprove of your goods and services.

According to Status labs, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

The radical change in the situation requires a different approach to management. Long gone are the days when websites were used as static brochures. Today, websites need user-generated content such as posts, first impressions, reviews, and what not.

Regular interactions on social networks are critical to the success of any business. Whether you are a small company or a market giant like Amazon, there is one thing that you need to remember: everyone is talking about you. The prospects, clients, customers, anyone that has access to you speaks about you. Your latest product could be snapped about, tweeted against, or even call for a customer review on your official Facebook page.

The power of social networks and their ability to make or break a business is now a matter of grave importance. If you believe that your content can survive without taking the comments, opinions, and reviews about your products, then we suggest that you reread the last paragraph.

Since we have now established points about why you may need assistance from an Online Reputation Management Company, here are our top seven suggestions.

Top 7 companies when it comes to Reputation Management

The significance of a positive online reputation has never been as high as it is in 2019. A huge number of users take help from the internet in making everyday decisions such as choosing the type of bread suitable for breakfast or the perfect blend of teas for insomnia. Any business with zero or negative reviews struggles to find new customers. To keep the reputation positive or to repair any damages done by the customer scorned, online reputation companies are like the Arch of Noah.


WebiMaxis a digital marketing agency. It has a host of online reputation management options available for their clients. The services include monitoring in general and also on social media, negative comments are also handled by the company along with crisis management and brand preservation. The pricing depends on the specific strategies being implied. Also, the company does not necessarily need you to sign a long-term contract.


Gadook is an inbound reputation and marketing company. Reputation management includes presidents, founders, CEOs, and also MDs. The services provided include brand building, optimization of the social profile, and even crisis management. The company has a customized pricing strategy that varies according to your needs. Gadook only requires you to commit for the first month. Going any further is your personal choice.


Rizereviews is a reputation management company that provides you with an online reputation management tool. It provides a wide range of services which range from customized branding, a customizable dashboard, and also easier accessibility to emails. It helps you integrate with all reviewing sites and helps you establish the best possible image for your company. Rizereviews also helps you in posting your favorable reviews across all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Their pricing starts from a mere $5 and includes a two-week free trial.


Outspoken Media provides online reputation management services that are available for people trying to improve the reputation of their brand while also looking for suitable branding. It helps in putting a curtain on all the negative reviews blotched up by rival companies. They provide a three-step process of developing a brand strategy, implementing the strategy while also producing software recommendations.


Igniyte is a service that can change your perspective about reputation management. Their services include the provision of engaging content, online public relations, creative profiles, and also online brand protection. They help in establishing better customer services and improve your social media marketing too.

Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself is a unique reputation management service that lets you lead the strategy you want for your company. They guide the customer through the process of answering negative reviews left by competitors. The required help and feedback is often provided to improve performance and reputation. Their services not only cover companies but also the leading figures running them.


Rankevolve is a digital marketing agency that specializes in advisory and execution of online marketing practices. A huge number of services are offered by the company that helps their client to gain a positive reputation on the internet. Other services include web design, web development, and SEO and infographic services as well.

Final thoughts

Online reputation management is crucial to all businesses on the internet today. The service providers strive to tailor your presence to perfection. They may curtain negative reviews and help you plaster all the positive reviews across all social media outlets. However, you need to understand that these companies do not provide a quick fix to your reputation woes. The employment of strategies needs at least a few weeks to show significant results. A little patience goes a long way after all!

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