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6 Step Process For Creating A Small Business Site With WordPress - Classi Blogger

6 Step Process For Creating A Small Business Site With WordPress

Small businesses that are looking to make a name for themselves will usually meet with WordPress web developers, in hopes of learning more. Now that digital marketing has leveled the playing field, any small business can reap the benefits that web developers have to offer.

This is especially true of those who are looking to get the most out of WordPress. A well designed WordPress site or app can deliver more customers and allow a smaller business to make a much bigger name for themselves.

A 6 Step Process For Creating A Small Business Site With WordPress - classiblogger
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In order to create a site that will deliver on these sorts of expectations, it is important for a company to follow these key steps:

1. Creating an Outline

If a small business does not take the time to create an outline before embarking on the process of meeting with WordPress web developers, they are missing out on a wide range of benefits. The outline serves as a great way for the business to list off everything that they are looking to accomplish with their site or app.

Think of the outline as a to do list of sorts. This is the business’ chance to take a step back, zoom out and decide what they wish to accomplish with their site or app. It is also a perfect time to think about sites that the business owners have used in the past. Why were they effective? What inspired return visits?

2. Decide on a Domain Name

This is an underrated step. The domain name that the small business is looking for may not be readily available. WordPress web developers and app developers can offer some helpful insights but ultimately, this step often comes down to luck. There are going to be some options available but the small business may need to make a full list.

Otherwise, they could be left holding the bag when their main option has already been taken. Some may decide to choose the name of their business and others may explore the rest of their choices. Either way, it is important to get started as soon as possible in these instances.

3. Weighing The Pros and Cons Of WordPress

WordPress is an immensely popular platform and web developers alike will usually steer their clients towards it. Every hosting company is going to have its own pros and cons. WordPress is certainly no different in this regard. After all, there is a reason why so many of the world’s websites are relying on this platform.

While there are cons associated with WordPress, they pale in comparison to the advantages. Some may still believe that this site should be limited to the bloggers of the world but business owners have making the shift in record numbers. WordPress is also equipped with a plethora of different features, all of which are designed to make life easier.

4. Choosing The Right Designs

Web developers will always recommend taking the time to choose the right designs. The design of the site or app is going to play a key role in its level of success. WordPress is beginner friendly, offering a number of templates that even the most inexperienced users can stand to gain from.

This is the small business’ chance to re-brand, as well. Perhaps a change in color scheme is needed. Or maybe the site would benefit from some new photography. A small business can also take this time to update their mission statement. If the business does not have a mission statement, this is the perfect chance to find one.

5. Make a List of Pertinent Information

A small business does not always receive a second chance to make a first impression. That is why it is important to make a list of the most pertinent information. When a customer is heading to a WordPress business site, they are typically looking to make a purchasing decision. Most crucially of all, they are looking to make these decisions quickly.

What products and services are being offered? How will these goods and services assist a company in need? Is there a proper landing page? These are all questions that the site must answer. If it does not, the user is simply going to decide to head elsewhere to fulfill their needs.

6. Marketing and Maintenance

Fortunately, WordPress sites are incredibly easy to market and maintain. It is the type of platform that lends itself well to the “set it and forget it” mentality. However, there are also plenty of plugins available to businesses that are looking to make a name for themselves. If any changes need to be made, they can be made free of charge, without incident.

There is nothing wrong with taking a look at existing sites in order to gain inspiration but do not allow these sites to serve as a guide. The business must stay focused. With so many options to choose from, marketing and maintenance are everything. They are the steps that will determine the long term success of the small business.

These are the steps that must be taken by a small business that is looking to get the most out of their relationships with app developers and web developers. Gone are the days when a small business was limited to their region of the country. With the right web developers and planning, any company can compete.

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Harnil Oza is a CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company based in USA & India having a team of best app developers who deliver best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform and also listed as one of the top app development companies by leading research platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.

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