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Which CMS to Choose to Create a Website?

This is one of the most challenging questions for those taking their first steps in the world of web marketing. They told you that you need to work on a good online presence, but now which CMS to choose to create a website? It may seem trivial, I know. But only to those who are already familiar with this universe.

For example, webmasters and SEO experts already know what to exploit, because content management systems are not all the same.

CMS, the specific software for websites creation and online content management, has specific characteristics that make a precise choice for a specific purpose. Then there are choices that give you a wider range of possibilities. In any case, those who work on this front must exploit the right solution. What are the points in favor of each CMS?

WordPress, a solution for everyone

Yes, when they ask you which CMS to choose to create a website, WordPress immediately comes to mind. Because this is the most famous content management system on the web, one of the most popular. The reason for this success? Why should you prefer WordPress to create a website for your business? The answer is clear.

This solution was born as a CMS to create blogs, online diaries that follow the publication of content and that present a constantly evolving home page. Then the community developed extensions, features, and performances in order to make WordPress suitable for a thousand different solutions.

With WordPress, you can create a small eCommerce, a static website, an unpretentious portal, a landing page for AdWords campaigns. In short, the possibilities are many. But there is one point to underline: there is always a CMS for blogging, and little else.

There are those who use WordPress to do everything. Of course, it’s immediate and intuitive. To do good SEO optimization, you don’t have to sell your soul. But it has its structural limitations. It cannot be used for everything.

With Joomla, you have a different structure

Already, many see Joomla as the real opponent of WordPress. It is certainly not the right solution to start a blog, but it can be the key to getting something more. But why develop a website with Joomla? With this very advanced CMS software, you can really realize many solutions.

Type portals, websites that do not necessarily develop like an online diary but that have a complex tree. Full of categories, sub-categories, and sections. Maybe with restricted areas and internal blogs. Or news sections with press reviews.

In short, the point is this: WordPress can be pushed to the limit to create something different. With Joomla, however, the limits are more generous: it is a robust CMS that can do a lot. But it needs some more expertise, it’s not that easy to manage. Especially if you want to go beyond publishing a web page.

Drupal, for those who want great sites

Joomla is the way forward to create a website that can go beyond the blog that tries to be something more. But there is something alternative you can use to work differently: I’m talking about Drupal, a modules-based CMS.

What are the benefits of Drupal? First of all, total customization and noteworthy security. If you are an expert you can fully manage the structure of this content management system which has another advantage: a wide choice of contents. The point is this: if you have the skills and need to create a secure and challenging portal this is the right choice.

On the other hand, Drupal is not for everyone. In most cases, CMSs try to make operations within everyone’s reach. But with Drupal the road is uphill. If you don’t have precise skills, you risk getting some nasty surprises in the daily use of Drupal.

Magento is ideal for large eCommerce

The creation of professional websites must deal with a specific need: eCommerce. Do you want to create a portal that can sell something, such as a product or a service?

You need an online shop. A website capable of attracting people and turning them into customers. How to do all this? Can you get the result I described with WordPress? And with Joomla? Yes, with a good number of forces. If you want something special, though, you need to take it a step further. And opt for a CMS like Magento.

You know Magento, right? Creating an eCommerce to sell online means having a starting point capable of creating a particular website. That is to say designed to have categories, sub-categories, and cards to propose the goods. Without forgetting the cart and the mechanism for cashing out: selling online is a demanding job, you know it well.

And to get to the solution you need to take concrete steps. Which CMS to choose to create a website capable of selling? If you have a large eCommerce to bring online the right combination is Magento. That’s right, this is the right content management system for big projects. With thousands of product sheets to bring your company online.

Less demanding online shop: Prestashop

Magento is the ultimate for websites that sell their merchandise online. But does this apply to everyone? No, Magento is a pachyderm that is used for demanding jobs. When you need to create a large eCommerce, Magento is the way to go.

Then there are the medium-sized projects. For small eCommerce, you can use some WordPress plugins like Woocommerce, but in the middle, there is Prestashop: easy but not trivial, robust but not heavy. When you want a good eCommerce you have to carefully evaluate the starting point, if Magento is too complex you can rely on something else.

Prestashop type. Its characteristics: it is very different from other CMS that allows you to put massive works online but then become unmanageable.

Which CMS to choose to create a website?

As you can see from this list there is no clear answer. It is not possible to suggest the best CMS create a website for a reason: based on the needs you decide which path to follow. WordPress is the preferred option for many webmasters and many agencies to set up the base and create customizations.

But a reality capable of reading the customer’s needs cannot limit itself to this content management system to respond to any need. Prestashop has its size, the same goes for Magento. What about Joomla? Perfect on certain occasions. Do you agree? Which CMS do you prefer? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Bio- Utkarsh is the founder of Esite Bucket. Esite Bucket is a leading software company that provides the best web development solutions in countries like India USA and Canada.

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