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Top Durabook Tablet Launched by Henchman

Henchman is an international standard single-source world-class equipment and tools supplier. Henchman is an amazing service distributor, provides custom-built toolkits developed with CNC cut foam inlays. They are widely famous in Australia especially in NSW for their high-end design and finishing. Starting from robust concentration on defense and aerospace industries along with supplying mining engineers and Field Service technicians to different electronics producing organizations. 

Now Henchman is collaborating with Taiwan multinationals Durabook as an authorized partner for Australia. Durabook chooses Henchman to make their global presence strongly in Australia. Henchman is one of the most long-run business traders and leading companies in Australia aligned with Durabook to meet the target audience, customer focus, and target industries. Moreover, both these organizations provide top-notch quality engineers and technicians to make high-quality solutions. 

In Australia, Henchman is the first-ever company to render Durabook with its regional presence, technical support, and warehouse service provider.  Henchman has examined all Durabooktablets and laptops and all these devices have proofed as tough devices and highly reliable. During the deal between Henchman and Durabook, Henchman has found appreciable professionalism in Durabook and both have the same market segment customer base

Today, we are going to reveal the top-end tablet rugged device of Durabook that Henchman is supporting to sell in its region and make a larger market expansion for them. So without wasting any more word, let’s jump straightway into their feature products-

Durabook R11L Rugged Tablet Light IP65 4GB Mil-Spec 810G and 461F ANSI C1D2 4ft:

The Durabook R11L rugged tablet is developed to fulfill all requirements of professional workers starting from hospitality to retail, and warehousing. This 11.6-inch large touchscreen display tablet is also useful in the field and logistic services. Now let’s get into the features and specifications of this IP-rated device.

Key Features and Specifications:

High-end performance providing Durabook R11L rugged tablet comes with an energy-smart intel processor for effective usage on the go time. It also has different features including a barcode reader, alternative REFID reader, substitute smart card reader, and back camera for capturing images and data seamlessly within this lightweight durable tablet.  This device is highly portable and reaches with enormous functionality.   

Robust Durable Design:

Durabook though comes with a durable element that one cannot break easily. Even after hammering multiple times on the device and dropping from 4ft height, it remains the same as before. Though it is pretty hardy and judged as a Durabook, it is just 1.2 kg lightweight and 20mm sleek finishing. With this, it has created a new era of fully rugged lightweight tablets. This super sturdy tablet is available in the bold black sporty design. 

Massive Performance:

The R11L works on a 4417U 2.3 GHz Intel Pentium processor along with an internal 610  HD Intel Graphics to cater to outstanding quality visual output for workers and engineers who work out in different tough fields.  Apart from these, Durabook has promised to their audience to serve high-speed smooth data transmission able Wireless AC 9260 Wireless Dual Band and Bluetooth V5.0 Intel connection. 

Explore the Durabook range on the Henchman website

Efficient Touch Screen:

Durabook R11L is skillfully designed for technicians and engineers to use this Mil-spec certified device in every challenging environment. Whether it is raining heavily, a frozen cold atmosphere, or in scorching heat and dust atmosphere. This device comes with a 1920×1080 LCD full touch screen display as well as it has an in-built ‘DynaVue’ technology to get clear visibility in the bright sunlight of a day.  Now you can use this Henchman supported R11L Durabook tablet through 10-point multi-touch capacitive panel through your fingers, or stylus, or even by wearing a glove in tough wet weather. 

Data Capturing Diversity:

The R11L facilitates a wide variety of data capturing modules in numerous diverse ways to recover and transfer on-the-go information. Apart from this, you will have a bar code scanner, RFID reader, 5Mp rear camera, 2MP front camera, 5.0 Bluetooth, optional smart card reader, and standard Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Tough Built Quality:

After the arrival of Durabook’s best heat-resistant device R11L Durabook tablet, workers get back their confidence to carry this lightweight but all environment supported tablet to do their job. One can use this sturdy device in different temperature conditions like high/low, thaw/freeze temperature, humidity, and temperature shock including- 

Temperature Operating – 20°C ~ 60°C / – 4°F ~ 140°F

Temperature Storage : -40°C ~ 71°C / -40°F ~ 160°F

Humidity : 5% ~ 95%

This Durabook R11L tablet is scientifically proven and IP certified for 4ft drop 26 faces, shock, altitude, and vibration proof. 

Long-run Battery Power:

Battery backup is an important aspect for electricians, engineers, and technicians to make productive work all day long. In order to meet this particular requirement, this R11L Durabook tablet serves as an alternative high-capacity battery that can endure up to 16 hours without giving any charge. 

Durabook R11L Rugged Tablet is the most powerful and efficient tablet produced by Durabook. Apart from this handy robust tablet, there are more ruggedized devices from Durabook available that were released by Henchman to attain their common target customer base.

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