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10 Best Learning Apps You Must Download

English is a popular but complicated language. Learning English is pretty tough but it is rewarding for everyone as it is prevalent internationally.  A wide range of online apps available in the market to help people in learning English. However, it is hard to find out the best ones. Hence, today we are going to showcase to you the top 10 leading ai English learning apps. 

Are you looking for a personal English Teacher? During this COVID-19 pandemic, everything is turning online, and taking English coaching help is no different. Most of us unaware of top ai tutorapps for English that only employ experienced teachers and are solely focused to give answers to the students. Let’s have a glance at those simple English learning 10 apps-

1. HeyCleo:

HeyCleo is an artificial intelligence English tutor app where you could learn from virtual English tutors. These AI-based virtual teachers will translate all kinds of sentences in your mother tongue and support you to learn new vocabulary words. It also has a real-time speech recognition feature to translate sentences and teach various lessons. 

HeyCleo comes with a round of enticing useful features including individual personalized one-on-one learning classes, practice, and upscale skills, vocabulary improvement, and virtual AI tutors. Apart from that, this ai English learning app makes your English learning more interactive and engaging by facilitating a stimulating and enjoyable learning process, infusing word memory games, and speech recognition technology. Now, you can improve your diction by customizing lessons where you have the choice to choose lessons from Phrases, idioms, tenses, verbs, and more. The most interesting thing about this app is you do not have to worry about age because there is no age boundary. 

2. Busuu:

Busuu is a familiar language learning app that supports artificial intelligence English tutors for different languages. It follows conventional methods of learning phrases, grammar, spelling, idioms, words, and conversational English. You will also get here accent training lessons and that is why it comes under few reputed offline English learning apps. Though the subscription charge is a bit expensive, you can avail a large amount of free English writing and speaking lessons.

3. Drops:

Language Drops are primarily divided into two English learning categories- one is American English and another is British English. This app has aggressive vocabulary build-up lessons and that is why it is called the best ai tutor app for learning English vocabulary. It is mainly focused on conversational English learning rather than giving much time to grammar. This app includes interactive word games, offline support, different levels of subscription plans. 

4. Duolingo:

One of the most popular ai tutor apps for English Duolingo supports more than two dozen languages including English. The user interface is pretty simple and the method of teaching is entertaining. It has bit-size lessons that enable you quick learning app. 

5. EWA:

EWA is an amazing app for ai English learning. The User Interface of this app is well-appealing and you could access different learning levels. It works like small chunks to give you lessons on the go. Moreover, you will have 1,000 books support to read and practice the English language. It is one of the most interesting apps where you will get 40,000 flashcards, different learning methods, and you could get some movie or show clips to learn English accents. 

6. Hello English:

Hello English is a well-recognized ai tutor app for learning English vocabulary in different 22 languages. This app offers you a 10,000-word dictionary, 475 lessons, virtual teacher support, and offline assistance.  You will also like this because of its engaging English practice sessions including video clips, news, audio clips, and ebooks. It comes under affordable price subscription plans especially the yearly subscription. 

7. HelloTalk:

HelloTalk is a great ai English learning app where it uses social networks to teach. It makes you pair with other individuals where you will teach you your language and opposite one will teach you their language. This app supports more than 100 languages and you can also get the support of video calls, voice calls, audio messages, and, text messages, and  pictures messages  

8. Google Translate:

Google Translate is a wonderful artificial intelligence English tutor app for travelers and scholars. This app comes with three amazing features- first, it provides standard text-to-text translation, 103 online and 59 offline languages support, and real-time translation support.

9. Memrise:

One of the most famous and powerful ai English learning app is Memrise. It allows a huge number of languages including English. This app also follows some unique teaching methods where you can learn conversational English, grammar, idioms, vocabulary, and phrases. 

10. Tandem and HelloTalk:

Tandem is a community ai tutor app for English language learning. It is almost similar to HelloTalk. Here you also have to pair up with another one where you have to speak and teach your mother language to others and another one will teach you there. In this app, you will also get options like text, audio messages, picture messages, professional tutor support, and video calls.

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