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Top 7 Freelancing Websites to Hire an SEO Expert 

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO is one of the inseparable ingredients from a website’s success. No website can rank high on search engine without proper SEO. Many online agencies, companies, businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and webmasters still don’t know how to add the flavor of SEO to their website. They have to pay a high price for not taking the site’s SEO seriously. Their websites usually don’t rank high on search engines and they get hardly any views organically.

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Still, many of them end up hiring poor SEO experts online. This further impacts their ranking or the website. The goal of an SEO expert should be to use the best practices to rank a website at top positions on the search engines. Still, most of the so called SEO experts use false practices for ranking a website high on the search engines. Many of them even succeed, but the site owner has to pay a hefty price for it when the site gets penalized even after ranking high.

Best Freelancing Websites to Hire an SEO Expert

It is really important to hire a good SEO expert that can look after your website’s SEO needs following the best practices and provide you results in the specified time. If you have considerably failed to hire an SEO expert then these freelancing websites will help you to find the right guy.

Freelancer is one of the most popular websites to find freelancers for different jobs. You can hire a perfect SEO expert having a vast knowledge and that too in a strict budget. It is one of the topmost websites from where you can find different freelancers around the globe. All you have to do is post your requirements with your budget and different freelancers with contact you. You can find the right guy for your website’s SEO after viewing the profile.


Upwork has over 1.5 million freelancers working on it. It was previously known as oDesk. You can easily hire an SEO expert from Upwork by simply posting your requirements and budget and then checking the applications. Once you check the applications, find the right guy for your job after viewing his/her profile and checking out the testimonials given by other clients. You can hire the best SEO experts from this website.


TopTal is the hub of a few seasoned freelancers. Its fair screening process allows you to find the best freelancers for different tasks. So, you can find the most genuine SEO expert having good knowledge in this filed for your website. Simply post your requirements, declare the budget, and post the job. You will start receiving the applications and then you can hire the best guy. Youcan even join the TopTal’s community for tech events and meetups.


You might have heard about Elance. It is the hub of freelancers across the globe. You can easily find the most desirable SEO expert you were ever looking for on this website. You can post your requirements and start receiving the applications of some of the best candidates that fit for your job and budget. You need to screen them all before finalizing any of them. Moreover, you can enjoy the payment protection feature by which the freelancer cannot run away after providing you poor service. You can get your money back if the SEO Expert you hire provides you poor service.


It is a London based company offering unique services. You can easily hire the SEO expert for an hour from this website. You can test his/her skills and if he/she qualifies, you can hire the person for further job. This minimizes the risk of finding a poor guy having no knowledge of SEO. It even provides you good functionality for handling the payments, proposals, and messaging.


It is a Pittsburgh based company that allows you to get your work done through the best freelancers in the industry. More than 3.5 million freelancers are working with it and you can definitely find a right SEO guy for your job on this website. All you have to do is post the requirements, shortlist the candidates and hire the most desirable SEO guy.


Another awesome platform to hire the best SEO expert that can handle your website’s SEO in a budget price is Here, you can find some of the best candidates that can fit your job. You can even find the employees for your office on this website.

The Last Words

These were some of the best freelancing websites from where you can hire a talented SEO expert who can manage all your website’s SEO needs without much hassle. The payment process is simple and the best part is that you find the guy you need for your job.

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  1. I should try the new freelancing sites, but as a freelancer, I think this is pretty cool! and looking forward to earn $ !

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