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Top Mistakes To Avoid While Make Money Blogging - Classi Blogger

Top Mistakes To Avoid While Make Money Blogging

Contrary to what other people think, blogging isn't an easy job. Bloggers don’t just sit down, write posts and get a paycheck. There are things they need to consider so their posts would gain visitors. And that’s not an easy task. If you’re starting a new blog, you might want to keep on reading to know the mistakes to avoid so you can make money by blogging.

Top Mistakes To Avoid While Make Money Blogging-classiblogger

You have a general but not good idea

Ideas can come anytime. They can be while on the phone or in the shower. Although they come at random times, they must never be random. A good idea may not be a good idea for your brand or company. Instead, opt for ideas that can help your or your business’s goals. Since blogging’s mission is to grow your business, the ideas should serve your growth goals.

They must solve specific questions or concerns in your industry.  Want to know what ideas you can blog to make money? Perform a thorough research of the sector you’re in. After research, you can determine the goals that your industry wants to achieve and brainstorm ideas on how to accomplish these aims.

Your writing is too formal

Blogging isn't the same as writing a term paper. People won’t enjoy your blog if you do so. And remember that your readers won’t read the whole thing. If you want them to stay and read at least 50 percent of your post, make sure that what you published is interesting. To do so, your writing style must be effortless to read.

How? It’s simple. You must be conversational in your writing. In this way, you’ll appear approachable, so your visitors will enjoy reading it.

Your readers like this style because they feel that they’re interacting with real people and not robots. Thus, you must loosen up your writing. Don’t use jargon or use it sparingly. Make a pun because that’s how human beings talk.

Although you don’t make your post like a term paper, you must still be mindful of your grammar. Check it using an editing service so your content is flawless.

You assume that people will read your blog

It’s the truth. When you first start to blog, no one will want to read your stories or interests, except your parents or friends. It’s not because your writing isn't compelling. It’s just that you're new in blogging and they’re not interested in your experiences unless you’re a celebrity.

Since we assume you’re not a celebrity or Seth Godin, the best way to attract people to be interested in your blog is to show your personality. Infuse your personality in your writing so that people will get comfortable with you. You can crack jokes or make a pop culture reference. 

Find ways to relate to your readers. Write it in the first person as if you’re chatting with them.

In other words, the tone has to be approachable and personal, so it’ll be engaging.

You have a broad topic

Most people who are new to blogging want to write general ideas that are far too broad. It’s a mistake because they have to write many details, making it difficult to answer them.

If you wish to make money on blogging, make sure to be more specific to get targeted audiences. They tend to be of higher quality than a broader audience.

Your writing isn't well-organized

Most people who are new to blogging would write in a stream-of-consciousness style. But keep in mind that people don’t read posts. Rather, they only scan them. That’s why your post has to be well-organized. To achieve that, make sure that you’re using headers and create an outline. Opt for a specific post type.

It’s ideal to write an outline to have a logical flow in your post. First, you need to make a list of takeaways you want for your readers to see.

After that, break them up into headers. Use section header in every two or three paragraphs to make it easier and enjoyable to read. You may also use an editing service to ensure that your writing is neat and free from grammatical mistakes.

You don’t back up your claims

If you’re writing an argument, make sure that you back up your claims by using data as evidence. Use a data-driven content to catch your readers’ attention. When making a good story, it’s best to offer your main argument and establish proof.

Final thoughts

These aren't the only mistakes that you can avoid to make money by blogging. But these are the most common ones. Avoid them as much as possible.

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  1. Great post, Lack of Passion and thinking that you will start earning money really quick is huge mistake for bloggers, a lot time and dedication goes into making your Blog or website successful.

  2. What should be avoided while writing a blog?..I was not aware from the such type of ideas..Thanks for sharing a wonderful article with us!
    Keep writing

  3. My main problem is distraction and lack of efforts. But my biggest problem is even if I know my fault I have not yet completely eliminated them.

    Need to re-evaluate what I am doing.

  4. hii
    Nice article. Yes, nothing would work without “applying the tricks with proper planning”. I made that mistake on two of my blogs… I just kept writing and publishing a lot… had a lot of affiliate advertisements but never pushed them out… Now I’m learning.

  5. Hi Mohd,

    As always an interesting read. I agree with your points as I have personally tried this & I appreciate your efforts that you have selected this topic to write an article.

    By the way, It’s always pleasure to read your posts and comment.

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