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Personal Branding – the Buzz Term of the Modern Web - Classi Blogger

Personal Branding – the Buzz Term of the Modern Web

Personal Branding contains dozens of different strategies and actions that form the public opinion on the brand. This process requires time and continuous work, just like every other process of building. When it comes to the online environment, the situation is even more challenging, since today millions of people throughout the world are trying to achieve exactly the same. Because of that, getting valuable tips on branding can save a lot of time and help you dodge some mistakes along the way.


Prove you’re unique

Thinking that launching a few pages in social media and a website will do when it comes to branding is a huge misconception. This is what the majority of those aforementioned millions of Internet users are doing. On the contrary, your online branding efforts need to put an emphasis on what makes you different. Create special content features that explain in a nutshell why you’re unique. Illustrate and support your arguments through a concise but effective business presentation, displayingyour business efforts, as well as graphs, statistical figures and compelling infographics. Moreover, interconnect all your online places, so as to enable a multi-level access to all of them.

Save your customers’ time

Every branding strategy is entirely directed towards customer. However, this is only in theory. In practice, most businesses are too obsessed with their own appearance, which often results in neglecting their customers. Knowing that, it’s clear that you need to develop your special recognizable style in dealing with clients. You will yield best results if you aim at saving your customers’ time, because this is becoming the scarcest resource on the Internet. To achieve that goal, prepare a set of services you can do for your clients in order to improve their time management.

Apart from that, include saving time as the mantra of your brand advertising and let people remember you that way. It will be your special thing that will distinguish you from the rest of the crowd in your niche.

Leave no social media unengaged

Business promotion in social media is the cornerstone of every successful branding campaign. According to the data published by Forbes, Facebook users had more than 50 million business pages as of December 2015. It’s a large number of rivals for every entrepreneur who starts their own page. Therefore, your social media strategy should contain as many services as you can offer to your clients. Take pride in everything you do and promote every single bit of your business. All those bits assembled together will create a unique brand.

Moreover, find out more about Instagram business options and utilize the solutions offered by Twitter and Pinterest, as well. Using a plethora of social media will increase your brand visibility and give different audiences a chance to notice you.

Stick with limited audience

Once again, the word building is crucial when it comes to strengthening your brand. It’s essential to bear this in mind when choosing how wide an audience to target in the first few stages of your business development. Since a brand has to be built gradually, do your best to keep the number ofyour targets as limited as possible. A small business that’s yet to be established as a well-known brand will not be able to cope with too many customers at the same time. As the brand keeps developing and growing, it will be shared and popularized in a natural way.

Assess your actions

Adaptability should be one of the key features of your brand-building plan. So, if you want to adapt fast to the branding trends in the online surroundings, it’s vital to continually assess your actions and the goals you have reached. First of all, follow your website traffic figures and the social media pages. If your visitors keep leaving your online places too fast, the content you’re offering them isn’t convincing and relevant enough.

Secondly, reevaluate the communicationside of your website. Does it communicate your brand successfully? If not,consider using a call-to-action domain. For instance, a combining a brand name and a .me domain could generate higher traffic and boost the conversion rate. As a matter of fact, this subject should be considered when you’re choosing your business name, to pursue the right branding strategy from the very beginning.

Developing your personal brand is equally important as growing a business in the contemporary online environment. If both the business and the owners are recognized as respectable and reliable members of the online business community, the entire entrepreneurial effort will lead to a productive business future.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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