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What Can You Find on the Deep Web?

The Deep Web or Dark Web might not be a very familiar term for most of you. This is because of the reason that it is the invisible web that is the planet of loads of information which can’t be found over the regular internet world which you are surfing over the years.

Deep web is the hidden web where the information is scattered over different sources, but is presented to you as one. This is the reason why search engines are not able to find this information and optimize it in the search results. If you are thinking that what you can find on the deep web then we would definitely present you a list of things that are available here.


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The Guardian has also claimed that you can search and access nearly 0.03% of the internet through search engines like Yahoo, Google etc. and rest is available on the deep web. You can clearly estimate the vastness of dark web through this. Before learning what you can find on the deep web, let us first learn how to access the deep web.

How to Access the Deep Web?

You cannot just access the deep web using a normal web browser like Chrome or Firefox. You can access this deep web through the deep web browser. One of the most popular deep web browsers leading in these days is Tor. It is one of the most recommendable deep web browsers for anyone using the deep web for the first time. Though there are many more such web browsers that can be used for the same purpose, but Tor is the best one. Many people are moving towards the deep web search for protecting their information.

If you are using Tor or any other deep web browsers then you can browse through the web anonymously without any hesitancy. Nothing can be monitored if you are surfing on the deep web. This is the reason why deep web has gain popularity among the masses. Now, it’s the time to what you can find on the deep web apart from some regular internet stuff. If you have still any query regarding accessing deep web check out this depth guide about how to access the deep web.

Things you can find on Deep Web

There are a number of things and services that can be found on deep web. Here are some of them to look at.


Can you find weapons on the internet you use? No, would be the answer of many of you. The deep web is the place where you can easily find the deadly weapons at reasonable price. Though, you might not be able to get the licensed weapons.

Government Secrets

If you are the one who thinks that just everything running in the government is the conspiracy theory then the deep web has plenty of conspiracy theories to offer to you. There are a number of government secrets that are available on the deep web. Many government agencies have already taken few of the secrets down from the deep web.


You can even find the people who are ready to steal anything of your choice. Once the person steals the thing for you, he/she will send the photo and once you make the payments, you will get the item shipped to your place.

Credit Cards

Do you need some extra money to spend? Deep web is the place you should reach out for. Here you can find people who can steal the credit card information of other people for you for a good amount. Once you get the information, you can do whatever you want from the credit card. But make sure that you are not caught.


The deep web is the storehouse of all sorts of the creepy fantasies you have. Here you can easily find all sorts of porn. Also, you can contact people who will broadcast the hidden webcam show for you. It is surely going to be entertaining. It is one of the most fantasized things what you can find on the deep web easily.


You can even find the deadly killers who can take other’s life for money. There are many hitmen who can be found on deep web. You need to pay them and they will send you the proof of killings.


There are a number of websites where you can find the people ready to hack just anything for you, let it be your ex girlfriend’s account or any government website. These guys will do just anything for money.

Match Fixing

Betting might not be legal in most of the countries of the world. But here, you can easily find the websites where you can do betting and even fix the complete match. You just need to pay the money and the things will be done.

Human Experimentation

This is one of the most fucking stuffs that you can find over the deep web. There are many people doing the experiments on real live humans as subjects. These subjects may be the homeless people who are picked from the streets. They will experiment different things on the real humans on your instructions and can also give them to you.


One of the most popular things on deep web is that you can easily find any drug ever made from here easily. Ranging from the premium quality Marijuana to the acid and pills, just everything will be available for you. The drug dealers here will be very discreet in the packaging and delivery. You might have also heard about the popular drug station on deep web – ‘The Silkroad’ which was shut down by FBI few years back. Its newer version has arrived which is Silkroad 2.0.

The Last Words

So, these were some of the things and services what you can find on the deep web. If you love private browsing then browsing through the deep web on Tor will keep your browsing session secure. You would be able to find a number of services on deep web that are really hard to be found on the internet.

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