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What is the important Factor of Web Designing in 2017

We are going to share most important factor of web designing which is mostly use in the 2017 according to SEO point of view.


Today everyone wants to have websites that can be viewed on a variety of screen sizes and different range of devices. One of the most important requirements is to have responsive web designs and is favoured by one and all today and is going to last forever. But thankfully today we have many other options as well that are preferred by web developers and designers, to create websites that are multi-device friendly.

Future of Web Design

The new approaches are recommended by Google as well and hence, their use is motivated worldwide. Following Adaptive approach definitely is a very good option for website designing today and a combination of both responsive and adaptive web designs is the best option today and for future web designing, to suit different screen sizes.

Responsive Web Design

Ethan Marcotte, in the year 2010, describes in his paper that responsive web design combines fluid grid, media queries and flexible queries as well. Fluid layouts are an important feature of Responsive websites as they change and adapt regardless of the screen size that is being used. Responsive web designs have the following benefits as well:-

  1. A single website can support a great variety of devices and screen sizes, which also include the “in-between” screen resolutions like 320, 768 and 960 pixels wide.
  2. Compatibility with devices that will be launched in future as well.
  3. No need of creating and marketing different websites, as only one website can solve the purpose for all devices.

But on the other hand, there are some challenges faced with responsive web designing as well Mobile friendly website, and they are:-

  1. The scope of the project and the cost is highly impacted if one has to redesign a site.
  2. The visual presentation is not that ideal in case of using the “in-between” sizes.
  3. Optimizing the site, that has been sent to various devices becomes difficult, as only a single page has been shared with all the devices that are of different screen sizes.

Adaptive Web Design

Mostly it is observed that in cases where responsive web design does not work that well, adaptive layouts are the solution. Based on breakpoints that are pre-determined, the adaptive web design uses fixed sizes and delivers the layout that is most appropriate for the required screen size. All this should suit the screen size of the browser that the user first gets to see on his or her screen. For example, some of the common built-in breakpoints are Android Phone (Landscape) uses 640×360, iPhone6 (Landscape) uses 687×375, etc.The adaptive approach holds the following benefits as compared to the Responsive Web design:-

  1. It provides better design control because of the specific breakpoints that are already set for a given website.
  2. It is easily applicable to existing site, the adaptive layout as compared to the responsive web design because there is no need to recode the site.
  3. It has a superb capability to deliver the resources like scripts, images etc., that are necessary for a given version or breakpoint.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks as well, other than the useful advantages that still need to be worked upon by the developers and coders worldwide.

  1. It is not that easy to accommodate the “in-between” sizes between the already established breakpoints.
  2. There are chances that the overall design and development cost of the project may increase if one wants to design for every individual breakpoint supported.
  3. If a new resolution is introduced in future, then a new breakpoint will have to add as well.

So, as we now know that both, responsive web design and adaptive web designs have their respective advantages and disadvantages.it will be best to consider a combination of both the approaches in the future design trends and use the benefits of both. You should desing website according to device, browser and user friendly which is help to improve the website position in the search engine result page.

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  1. this post is very helpful for me. i also started learning web designing. because i’m not good in programming so i choose it. it is easy and creative.

  2. Thanks Nirmal ! for this amazing tips. I hope this worked as you said for 2017

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