This is the most interesting topic where someone copied your content and displayed the same information over their website. This will directly harm to your website visibility and ranking. Thus, the reason behind this is that these people have less knowledge about digital marketing and Google guidelines.


How you can find that someone copied you content?

You can easily find who copied your website content simply by entering the website content in the Google search area. The list of web pages appears who copied your content. If you find which website or blogger site copied your content, inform the Google for the same and Google will remove all the copied content on your demand. This process will take 2 to 10 days to remove copied content from Web.

Effects of Duplicate Content of your Website

There are three major effects of copied content are as follow:

  • Harm the website visibility
  • Loss the website ranking
  • Less web traffic

There are many more services which help in identifying the copied content namely Grammarly and Copyscape. Once you identify the copied content, go with the service offered by Google as DMCA page.

Your mind is now thinking about what is DMCA?

DMCA is a law which mainly focuses in controlling the copied content over the web. Generally, people copied other people content because they don’t have much knowledge about digital marketing and norms of Google. This will affect at several points like reduce the amount of web traffic, harm website visibility, and down the ranking. To get rid from the issue of copied content, you just need to register DMCA complaint and report the Google about the site which is using your content. Let’s discuss the points to handle the issues of copied content:

Validate the copied content by experts:

Before claiming about the copied content, it’s better to confirm the amount and percentage of copied content. For this purpose, you can take the help from SEO experts or use SEO tool. Siteliner is a tool where you just need to paste the URL of the site where you found that the content is copied. This tool provides exact data about the copied content.

Fill the request form of DMCA:

If you find that the particular site copied your content then as per copyright law, you have to register a complaint against the website by filling DMCA form. In this form, you have to fill simple information about the duplicate content and the percentage of duplicate content.

Select the issue type:

After filling the DMCA form, specify the complaint or issue type which is defining as the violation of copyright rule. After this, Google will take an action and remove the copied content from web.

Notify the opponent website owners:

Before taking any action against the opponent website owner, first we need to notify opponent by sending the form which we registered with Google legal help. For this and further processing, one should have proper evidence against the dispute according to which Google will take required action to resolve copied content issue.                                                  

Accept the terms and conditions:

After providing all details about the dispute, we should accept the terms and conditions to speed up the investigation process. Additionally, we should remember that if opponent is not guilty then he/she is able to file a case of misinterpretation case.

Report the copied content:

Copy the URL of those websites whose content have been copied by other website owners. In DMCA form, describe which type of content is copied from our website and also provide a notice to the content authority as well as Google so that an immediate action will be taken to remove it.

Google action against copied content:

Google guidelines help web host to restore their original content with their copyright. If anyone try to copy other’s content then it depends on Google and their rule book how to co­­mpensate from them. Google will either block the website or directly remove the content from the web. As per the DMCA, no one can copy other’s information without their permission or prior approval.

Manchun Pandit works with JanBask Digital Design as a Digital Marketing Consultant, and has more than 7 years experience in digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, and Brand Promotion. To know more about him, follow on Twitter @manchunseo.

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