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3 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Stress While Blogging - Classi Blogger

3 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Stress While Blogging

Blogging is one of those wonderful jobs that you only do when you have a calling for that. Uninspired people normally don't become bloggers. And yet, just like with any other job, it is bound with certain amounts of stress. Today, we would like to take a detailed look at the 3 main stress factors that bloggers have to deal with, as well as the ways of coping with this stress.


1. Numbers

When you regularly post some awesome and exciting content, you see your amount of visits grow exponentially. You take pride in it and, to be completely frank, boost your ego.

Eventually, due to reasons that you cannot control, you will witness the fall in your statistics, and it will get you devastated. You will be desperate to raise your numbers back to their former glory. You will panic and recollect the tricks to boost your numbers that you've tried in the past, but dropped because of their inefficiency, – and fail, again. You will spend countless hours browsing articles on “effective ways to increase your visits” and such – hours which you could have found much better use for.

Ultimately, it will get you totally down and leave you asking yourself whether you want to continue blogging or better try something completely different in your life.

What you need to do in such a situation is just admit your obsession and tell yourself “I'm so over it” every time you want to check those stats again. And that may happen many times a day. You can put yourself in some sort of a rehab by removing all stats widgets from your blog. This way you will need to go to the pages that aggregate statistics and analytics to see those, and this will buy you some time to say the aforementioned magic words to yourself.

Of course, statistics are important, and you need to have instant access to them, but not at the moment, not at the cost of your precious nerve cells. You can get those widgets back when you feel ready.

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2. Planning

Most beginning bloggers underestimate the value of using an editor's calendar, following the silly principle that work needs to be. Even if they acknowledge the necessity of regular posting, they experience the constant rotations of prolific times and writers blocks. One day they may have just too many amazing ideas to put in a post, the next day they just stare at the blinking cursor before they come up with a half-baked piece of writing and prey that it was readable. The latter cases lead to stress, self-loathing and depression, but they can easily be avoided.

Merely a couple of hours of brainstorming ideas for your future posts can help you to come up with enough ideas for posts for months ahead. Naturally, you can introduce changes to your schedule along the way.

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3. Self-Discipline

While disciplining yourself and setting high standards for your writing are a good thing, you don't have to go overboard with it.It is right to follow the rules that you have set for yourself – for example, the topic should be directly relevant to your blog's general theme, the blog post has to have a certain word count, the writing has to follow a certain tone, etc. And then you get nervous when you cannot meet all those strict requirements instantly.

You need to remember that you were the one who has set those rules, and nobody is going to crucify you for not following them. Can you recall why you chose to be a blogger? Is it not because you wanted to share your opinion on topics? Is it not because you wanted to be your own boss?

Your rules need to be flexible. Because when you deviate from your blog's general theme a little bit, your readership will not mind it, given that the narrator's personality remains consistent and integrate. And surely they will not meticulously count the words in your post.

So, instead of obsessing over format issues, just remember to keep your posts soulful and with a touch of personal insight, – because this is what actually draws your readers to your blog.

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Author's Bio:

Kevin Nelson started his career as a research analyst and has changed the sphere of activity to writing services and content marketing. Except writing, he spends a lot of time reading psychology and management literature searching for the keystones of motivation ideas. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin.

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