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8 Ideas to Earn Some Extra Cash

Money – something we hardly get enough of. The idea of having your wallets full makes you feel laid back about your whole personal financial status. This is especially true if you are living in a big city like Los Angeles. A few extra bucks alongside your usual earnings would help you perk up your living standards a bit more.

Besides this, running out of cash before the month ends is a nightmare for everyone. And if it keeps happening with you every month, you will have to leave the big city pretty soon. Hence, the only hack of living in urban land is to find a side gig.

8 Ideas to Earn Some Extra Cash-classiblogger

Below, we have rounded up a list of eight ways you can use to bulk up your bank accounts:

1. Sell Your Wardrobe

There might be a couple of dresses in your closet that you do not wear anymore. Instead of piling them up, you can turn them into cash assets. One way of doing that is to organize a garage sale. And a much better option is to sell them on online forums like Tradesy.

This is the ultimate platform for selling designer fashion at reasonable prices. It recommends a price, but you have the liberty to set your bargain. The best part of using this platform is its low hassle. It takes care of shipping and all other transaction complexities. Also, they will pay you a 19.8% of the resale value for items over $ 50.

2. Tutor

In case you perform exceptionally well in a certain field, it can become your tool for earning extra money. It could be calculus, literature, painting, and creative writing. All you have to do is find a couple of students who are willing to learn and pay a good amount. Fix a schedule and get going.

You must take some essential steps to promote this venture. Advertise on social media, and tutoring websites like Wyzant. Let people know of your skills and guarantee them good results within a certain timeframe.

3. Drive Around

Apply to become a driver as a part-time job. Once the usual tasks of the day are over, you can earn extra money by driving people around. There are agencies that you can join, like Uber. Or you can drive solo.

4. Deliver Goods

Apart from these pick-and-drop services, you can also join a commercial driving team. These are responsible for carrying around goods and delivering supplies. All you have to do is look up for vacancies in these commercial agencies. For example, you can begin by searching “Los Angeles truck driver jobs,” and there will be a whole list of companies on your screen that can use some extra hands on board.

5. Get Freelance Jobs

Thousands of media groups and websites are looking for writers to craft content for them. However, it is important to ensure that the platform you are working for is reliable. We often hear stories of how some agencies exploit the writers and some completely vanish from the scene once the gig is over.

Surely, this doesn’t mean that the field is unreliable. Rather you must know how to sieve out the good from the bad. By joining platforms like Freelancer.com and Upwork.com, you can rest assured that things aren’t going to be that bad.

The market is brimming with opportunities. Find the one that works for you and support yourself in a much better way.

6. Sell Old Books

There must be a pile of books at the back of your shelf that you don’t need anymore. If those books are in good condition, that’s a win! You can sell these books online at discounts. Or you can sell them to your friends and family.

Whatever you choose, make sure that the price you receive in exchange is good enough. It shouldn’t be too low, nor too high. Plus make sure that you spread the word so it reaches out to people who might be interested in buying your books.

7. Become a Local Tour Guide

Do you believe you know the city to its core?

If yes, use it to your avail. There is a market for tour guides in the famous places of each city. There you can sign up to groups or get a license to work on your own. Some people set a package for the tours while others offer free walking tours. On these tours, you make money through tips paid by the tourists.

8. Pet Walking/Sitting

There are people out there who can’t take their pets for a daily stroll due to busy schedules. Instead, they hire people to do this. You can take up jobs like these and earn around $ 10 to $ 30 for an hour’s walk.

Additionally, some people have to make regular work trips. So they pay people to look after their pets while they travel. Apps like Rover have made things quite easy for those looking for sitters. This Seattle – based firm is providing pet-sitting services in more than 11000 states of North America.

Therefore, you can apply to such agencies and be a part-time member of their teams. Of course, you will be paying a certain percentage of the commission to the platform.

Final Word

Emerging technologies and changing lifestyles are opening new avenues for everyone out there. By using your creativity and diligence, you can eventually upgrade your living standards. In the end, it’s all about persistence, patience, and flexibility.

If you feel this list has sparked some new ideas for you to earn extra money, let us know in the comments section!

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