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Riding a motorcycle is a wonderful experience but remember you can only enjoy your riding when you are alive. Safety should be the first consideration if you want to pursue your passion for riding for many years to come.

Your head is the most unprotected part in a motorcycle accident. Serious head injury is in fact the most common reason for motorcycle accident related deaths, and according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcycle helmets are 37% effective in casualty prevention. Furthermore, helmets are 67% effective when it comes to preventing brain injuries during a road accident. This is why you should never leave your helmet when planning to hit the road with your motorcycle.

What are the different helmet options available to buy?

Before buying a helmet, you must know that helmets are available in many types. Helmets meant for motorcycle riding are rounder than those for bike riding. There’re so many options out there. In a motorcycle accessory shop, you can find full-face helmets, open-face helmets, dual sports helmets, half shell helmets, and modular helmets. With so many options, you are free to pick one that best fits your needs.

Why does helmet size matter?

When motorists check out a motorcycle accessory store, the size of the helmet is usually the last thing on their minds. What influences their buying decision is generally how the helmet looks. However, this is not the ideal approach to follow when it comes to buying a helmet for safety purposes. When you wear a helmet that does not fit comfortably on your head there is a pretty good chance of it coming off in the event of an accident and leaving your head totally unprotected to the firm surface of the road.

If you are still not sure why size is the most important consideration while buying a motorcycle helmet, we have got a few important reasons for you. Let’s check them out:

Comfortable fit guarantees protection:

As mentioned above, a perfectly fitting motorcycle helmet will stay on your head even if you met a mishap and your head hits the ground with full force. One of the most common reasons for a large number of head injuries during road accidents is wearing a helmet that is not the perfect fit for the user and also not certified by quality-assurance authorities. So rather than giving all your attention to the look of the helmet ensure if it is a perfect fit for your head and of course certified by quality-assurance authorities.

To get the perfect measurement of your head, all you need to do is wrap a tailor’s tape around your forehead and get your head’s circumference in both inches and millimeters.  After getting the size, check the size chart provided by the helmet manufacturer, and buy one that matches your head size perfectly.

Snug fit ensures comfort while riding on highways and open roads:

A helmet that doesn’t fit snugly on your head can drift around in strong wind which is very common when you are riding on highways and open roads. This not just compromises your safety but also makes you pretty uneasy as the helmet’s weight is generally too much for your neck muscles to handle. This will completely disengage and distract you from concentrating on the road as your neck muscles try too hard to keep the helmet over your head.

You will get proper weather protection with a snug fit helmet:

Water, cold wind, and other natural elements can easily pass through if there’s an opening between the beading and sealing of the helmet. This is perhaps the last and worst thing you wish especially if you are on the road on a cold or rainy day. A properly fitting motorcycle helmet covers the neck and protects your face, which means you have decent protection against bad weather, which is really critical for a comfortable motorcycle riding experience.

Snug fitting ensures you don’t experience muscular train:

A perfectly-fitting motorcycle helmet also assures that there is no strain on your neck muscles, which lets you concentrate on the road instead of worrying about unwanted neck pains. This is really important in the case of full-face helmets which are a little bulkier than open-face helmets. Even small movements triggered by a loose-fitting helmet against the strong wind can cause unnecessary muscular strain.


Thinking of buying a motorcycle helmet online? Don’t just make your buying decision solely on color or graphics. They’re far more important aspects when it comes to buying a new helmet than those. Buying a motorcycle helmet that is too small or too big in size can be your worst nightmare when riding on the road. Any sensible rider will first look at the size of the helmet before anything else.

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