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Instapage vs GetResponse Review: The Race for being the best Landing Page Builder

Online marketing is becoming a prominent way to promote business through internet. One of the ways by which one can promote online business is by using different email marketing tools such as GetResponse and Instapage. There are number of companies and firms that are working for online marketing but not many companies have been able to make a significant impact in the field of email marketing like GetResponse and Instapage. Both these tools have enabled online businesses to grow and reach to different customers and is also helping to increase online visibility of companies.


Landing Page is a typical website page which is used to attract more people to a particular business. It also enhances marketing of business through email. Various companies are looking to create landing pages to bring more customers. Small sized start-up’s companies or mid-size companies are considering landing pages for advertisement of their product, services or website.

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There are different layouts for a landing page that can be chosen depending on requirement of companies. Two of the most famous marketing tools available in the market are GetResponse and Instapage. Both these tools have advantages that would be explained in detail in later section.

How Landing Page Benefits a Company?

Landing page is best way by which one can promote or advertise a product on various websites. The main aim of any landing page is to attract more customers to parent website and gather all relevant data related to website visitor. It can be created in various possible ways. One can cover different features and services in best possible way so as to help businesses to grow and also promote products over internet.

GetResponse Landing Page Builder: 

One of the most trusted online marketing tools and landing page creators in the market is GetResponse. Various pre designed templates are available for creation of landing page which can be further customized as per requirement of users. Companies can gather all the details regarding landing page from GetResponse website and get the best services offered by this company.

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Instapage Landing Page Builder:

Another tool which is used for creating awesome landing page is Instapage. With appeal in its templates, Instapage looks further to reach bring more customers to the company using this tool. One can use this tool to create beautiful elegant landing pages without requiring any specific knowledge about tool know-how.

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GetResponse Landing Page BuildervsInstapage Landing Page Builder: Comparison

Both these landing page creator tools are becoming topmost choice for the companiesthat are looking to improve their clientele by attracting customers through landing pages. However if detailed comparison is provided then it becomes a lot easier to decide which is best landing page builder. Below is the comparison amongst features.

A/B Split Testing


One of the significant features of GetResponse is its ability to improve customer response by enabling A/B split testing feature that can help develop high performance designs. With this feature, companies can effectively track the pages and start using different variants of page. Apart from this, there is also availability of spam filters to avoid sending any spammymails.


A/B testing capability is also integrated in Instapagetesting different variants of the template that can help you choose the one with better response rate. It can also be used to track online traffic.


If we compare both functions in detail then GetResponse offers 5 frames per second in order to check response from page viewer, which is better in comparison to Instapage.

Template Design


Having better features and designs is always a big USP of GetResponse. One can choose from around 100+ design templates for landing page. This gives a lot of flexibility to the users over internet. There is also editor software with drag and drop feature that can be used to create changes to the template design. One can get all the functions implemented without having technical knowledge. It is one of the best features of GetResponse and with the help of this editor tool kit, one can perform different sorts of customizations.


Compare to GetResponse, Instapage has limited templates that can be managed and tested in customer environment. However, changes and customizations can be performed on default templates in order to create more appealing changes.


In the detailed comparison, one can say that GetResponse offers more number of design templates compare to Instapage, so this is the major difference in these two amazing tools.



With the help of GetResponse, one can perform proper integration of all social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications. Additionally, one can integrate Google Analytics to the landing page and use it effectively.


Another feature which is similar in these two tools is that even Instapage has provided number of options of integration to the users.


Both marketing tools can easily integrate social media applications and hence stands at par with each other.



Minimum payment is around 15$ per month which is a minimum pricing for those who are starting their business with 1000 contacts.

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Creation charges for first paper are around 29$ and this is the starting plan.



If prices are compared then GetResponse scores higher than other tools in the market like Instapage. It is becoming an ideal choice for users which are looking to promote their business using online marketing methods.

Responsive Design


In today’s world, it is important to design websites which have responsive designs. This helps in supporting both desktop, mobile and tablets. It helps in adjustment of websites as the platform changes. Responsive design is available withGetResponse’s templates.


In case of Instapage, the templates are more restricted to mobile phone and desktops only.


Responsive design functionality is much better inGetResponse’s templatesas compared to that of Instapage.


With the help of above comparisons performed for each of the tools, it is clear that in terms of the features, GetResponse scores higher in comparison to Instapage. Even though both tools are able to offer range of features including customization options, personalized templates, and responsiveness, but when it comes choosing a tool amongst both, then GetResponse scores higher than other tools.

The prices for GetResponse are quite competitive compared to Instapage, which clearly makes it a more ideal choice. Moreover the variety of template designs offered to the users is also another attractive feature, which tempts user to make use of GetResponse over Instapage. GetResponse also offers services like creation of newsletters and webinars, which makes it’s a complete package for companies looking to expand.

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  6. Very good review, nicely written. I’m just on my 30 day trial with this service. I’ve been with MailChimp and ConstantContact. Not bad either. MailChimp offers much for free but isn’t as intuitive as GR. Lately they are getting better in this aspect. Thing is we all have a lot to learn and we’ll have a lot more, because this pace is crazy. So we need simplicity and we need it badly.

    Beside everything you covered, what I also find good about GetResponse is their survey creator&publisher being free once you buy e-mail service. I like that, in ConstantContact you have to pay extra for it. I was looking for it in aWeber but couldn’t find it. (Correct me if I’m wrong here, pls).
    What I’d like to see in GR’s survey feature is at least some basic font choice within.

  7. Thanks for reviewing Get Response – the thing I most wanted to learn about was the ability to setup rules to automagically take someone off a ‘prospect list’ and place them on a ‘buyer’s’ list. Aweber does this out of the box, but Mailchimp doesn’t seem to do it at all – how about Get Response?
    Also – the pricing is a little off in your review. Mailchimp is 100% free for the first 2,000 names in the database or $15/month for an unlimited amount of sends to 1,000 people – not $20 (just checked a minute ago).
    Lastly – one of the big advantages that I heard about Get Response is that you pay them according to each unique email address you have in the database. So if you had 500 names on 3 lists, you’d pay for only 500 names whereas Aweber would charge you 500 x 3. I don’t use Get Response – but this is part of the reason I’m giving it some thought in the near future…It would be awesome if you were able to verify this.

  8. We really appreciate the review. I would like to say that there is nothing common about our drag and drop email creator (editor). It’s completley unique in the email marketing industry…personally, I’d describe it as amazing! 🙂

    Drop me an email, I’d love to chat about what we have planned — might make for another good post for you.

  9. Hi Raaja!
    Great review!

    I would suggest Landing Page Builder!
    This is a super easy builder, with built-in customizable blocks and templates, without having any kind of coding skills. Save your time with this builder, and enjoy the A/B testing tools to increase the leads.
    It free to test, 30 days!

    Best Regards, Natalia

  10. As I work as WordPress developer in my company I got stuck in one of the site. But thanks to this blog that will be helpful for me to get solution as on tips. Thanks once again

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    Rustom Paavri

  17. Great comparison. We’ve used Aweber for years and despite looking like the ugly duckling of the email marketing world, we love it. There is one thing that you may want to update in your review – Aweber does allow basic split testing. They also have great email deliverability rates, although I don’t know how they compare to GetResponses.

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