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Informative Guide to Grow Your Laundry Business From Laundry App Clone

Almost every business in the current world emerged out of people’s needs and demands. A good entrepreneur strategies these needs and formulates a business plan that would garner an audience and serve them. On demand business apps have become a common thing in the current tech-run world. People now look for convenience in everything. You must have heard about on demand food delivery apps, taxi services and so on. One such innovative idea is an on demand laundry app.

While every service is being delivered with just a few clicks through the app, why not have a dedicated app for laundry? An app which would pick up, wash, dry clean and deliver your clothes at your footsteps. This would give people an opportunity to get rid of doing their laundry and invest their time on other productive work.

What is the scope of the Laundry app?

With more and more people resorting to on-demand apps for goods or services to be delivered at their doorstep, having an app that does laundry will come as a savior. Demand for apps offering services to the household have received tremendous popularity. In addition to this, the market for laundry service seems to be growing an upward trend.

So, investing in a laundry app is always a good option. However, developing an app for the same purpose would cost you a lot of time and money. Instead, you can go for the cheaper alternative of clone scripts.

What is a Laundry App Clone?

Clone scripts are replications of an already existing successful app. They are independent applications, developed from scratch by the experts. In simple terms, cloning is getting inspired by a popular existing application and copying the concept and its functionalities rather than copying its source code. The sole purpose of a clone script is to help the entrepreneurs to launch their business with unique and already popular features, by reducing their startup costs. So, if you have limited time and budget, you can get in touch with the leading Laundry App Development Company that provides you with laundry clone scripts to boost your laundry business.

Benefits of providing laundry services online

If you are skeptical about providing online laundry services, here are some benefits of having an online laundry service.

  • Increases Convenience- Having a single app to manage and track your orders will come as a saviour. This will prevent you from missing out or messing up with any order.
  • Better Management- Being a laundry owner, you can now keep track of every payment made without having to record it manually. The app does that job for you. With an app in place, you can easily track and manage your savings.
  • Profitable- Having an app for laundry is a convenient option for the customer. This helps them to get rid of the task of doing laundry. The laundry app gives a better reach to your business and attracts more customers, making you end up with more orders and more money.
  • Increases Safety- With a laundry app in place, customers can be assured of the clothes that they send out for laundry. Listing out the items they are sending will prevent orders from getting mixed up.
  • Enhances customer experience- You can serve your customers well through you laundry app. The convenience of your service will make them come back to you again and again.

How to build an on-demand laundry app?

Here are several steps that will help you out to develop an on-demand laundry app.


Once you come up with an idea, you need to work towards formulating a fool-proof plan. Having a proper plan will help you keep a check on how things are going and assist you in the decision-making related to your app. To make the process of planning easy for you, try answering the questions like- what purpose does the app serve?, features you want in your app, type of audience you are aiming for, business model you are focusing on, competitors in this field, etc.

Planning out your budget

Once you are done planning, the next crucial step is understanding your budget and planning to spend it wisely. Knowing your budget will let you decide whether you want a simple app with limited features or a unique app with advanced features. This will also help you in shortlisting the companies that work within your budget. If you think you are running low on budget, you can always choose to invest on Laundry App Clone.

Shortlisting the Development company to work with

Planning out a budget will give you a clear idea of the companies within your league. Technically, a lot goes into app development. If you want to develop an app with unique features and functionalities, then you should expect the development companies to charge high. While you have an option to approach individual, freelance developers, app development companies have their own benefits.

Do your research and shortlist the companies with experienced professionals, who work well within your budget. In addition to this, they should offer to provide regular maintenance for your app.

Making a list of the features you want in your app

In order to run a successful business, you need to focus on the following features that would give your app an edge in the existing market. There are four main components that should be focused in your laundry service app if you are an aggregator- Customer, Laundry owner, Delivery Person, Admin panel. If you are a laundry owner, you might only need three components, excluding the admin panel. Now let us focus on these features one by one-


  • Registration- The customer should be able to login or register himself on the app easily with his basic details or any social media platform.
  • Location optimization- Once he logs in, there should be a search option to look for a particular laundry service or laundry services nearby.
  • Scheduling- They should be an option that enables them to schedule the pick up and drop off of their laundry.
  • In app tracking- The app should enable the customer to track the delivery person and give them updates about their laundry.
  • Specifications- Along with this, there should be an option to click pictures of stains through the app and give specifications to the laundry owner.
  • Payment Option- Customers should be provided with multiple payment options to increase their convenience. There should be an option for customers to do the payment either while scheduling the pick up or during the drop off.

Laundry Owner

  • Registration- The laundry owner needs to put in their details, timings, name of the laundry, address, services they offer and the cost for every service.
  • Access to order details- He should have access to order details of the customer. These details include information about the fabric, number of clothes and customer address.
  • Choice- The laundry owner should get to choose whether to accept a particular order or not.
  • In app tracking- They should be able to track the delivery person as this would help them in warning the delivery person if he reaches the wrong destination.
  • Manage earnings- The app should allow the owner to keep track and manage his earnings.

Delivery Person

  • Registration- The delivery person should register himself on the app by providing valid documents for verification.
  • Choice- When a customer places any order, there should be an option for the delivery person to either accept the order or decline it according to his availability.
  • Location Tracking- There should be an app tracking system that helps in navigating to the customer’s address and the laundry place.
  • History of orders and earnings- Along with this, there should be a feature that would record the history of all deliveries he has made until then and his aggregate earnings.

Admin Panel

  • Managing the orders- The admin should get access to all the orders when they are placed. This helps in assigning the orders to other delivery persons and laundry service in case the opted one rejects. He should be able to access all the information about the drivers and the laundry service providers.
  • Verification- The admin needs to do a proper profile check before accepting their profile request. Also, he should be able to contact them in case he wants to convey something.
  • Managing the earnings- The admin should be able to use the earnings of the laundries and drivers to charge commission from them. He can take this commission and decide on payment for the delivery person and laundries according to the services they offered.

Besides these features, you can try incorporating these unique features in your app- in app call/message, push notifications, pick-up on one tap. 

Providing laundry services online will put your business on the path of success. However, you should invest in the right On Demand Laundry App Development Services to get the best app for your business.

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