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6 Signs Your Home Needs A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Four walls and a roof doesn’t make a home. A home is a place that is yours in every sense of the word, so it must depict your style. You would definitely want your home to generate positive vibes and look beautiful inside out. And we all know a house with chipped paint and damaged walls doesn’t scream home. Unless you are a spooky witch trying to live a peaceful life in the suburbs.

A home with peeling paints and cracked caulk isn’t as inviting as one with a freshly painted exterior and a beautiful interior. So, how do you know your home has transformed from a dream house to one that looks like it hasn’t been inhabited for ages?

Here are some signs that your house has lost its charm, and it’s time to apply a fresh layer of paint. We promise a new coat of paint will work wonders on your home’s aesthetic.

1. Cracked Paint or Bubbling Walls

Just as the right color brightens our house, a cracked paint dims it. If your house has walls with peeling or bubbling paint, it is one of the most prominent signs that it needs to be repainted.

As much as Instagram photographers tell you otherwise, cracked paint or bubbling walls aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, they are a threat to the house too. Paint is one of the best protectors against damaged caused by the atmosphere, sun, and weather.

Cracked paint exposes walls to a harmful environment. The rainwater might seep into your walls. The walls absorb UV rays which might lead to UV degradation and cracks in the structure. Oh, and bubbling paint is an excellent space for molds.

To avoid the wreckage caused by the environment, you should take a professional’s help. Get the cracked paint removed and apply a fresh coat of paint. Your house will become a home again. One that’s safe to live in and beautiful to look at!

2. Stubborn Stains

Oftentimes, the paint appears to be in superb condition. The exterior looks attractive, with no cracks or peeling paint. The interior looks as good as new. But when looked closely, you can see small signs that tell you the house needs a new layer of paint.

Maybe you spilled coffee on your walls. Maybe you have children who have made the walls their personal canvas. Or maybe the neighbor’s kids play against your walls with the football. All these circumstances can cause staining that might not be visible from afar. But it certainly ruins the look of your house. Thus, you need to pick up the brush and apply a fresh coat of paint. If you are from around New Hampshire, you can delegate the task to house painting professionals in concord so that you get a flawless looking place without much effort from your side.

3. Fading, Discolored Patches

Even the best paint has an expiration date. It’s attributed to sun bleaching and water intrusion. You see, paints are a barrier against damage caused by outside forces. They absorb UV rays, water, dirt, and pollution. Hence, they are doomed to fade after some time. When that happens, it’s a cue to repaint the house.

4. Flaked or Damaged Caulk

Do you ever notice a material ripping from around joints in your house and wonder what it is? Caulk is a material that is used to seal areas between seams or joints. It is applied between the sills and the wall, around the sink, woodwork, and between the tiles too. However, it normally doesn’t peel.

It protects small spaces against water intrusion and seepage. It also prevents insects from building a home between the seams. A flaking caulk should be a matter of concern. It can also appear as a hardened material around the pipes. That’s one of the biggest signs you need to replace the material. It’s not as simple, though. If the caulking material needs replacing, it’s a major indicator that the paint has reached its expiration date too.

5. Chalking Exterior

The exterior of our homes is most prone to environmental damage. The weather and pollution directly attack the exterior paint, resulting in wear and tear. The exterior of your house drastically changes even in short periods. It might appear chipped from where the rain seeped into it. It might be faded from sun bleaching. Or it might appear chalky. Overtime exposure to the sun is the prime reason for a chalking exterior.

A chalky exterior makes your house look old and dim. The house loses its style and attraction. It appears dusty, like a fine powder, whenever you run your hand on it. To prevent your home from further damage and looking ghostly, it’s better to repaint when there is excessive chalking.

6. Shrinking Wood or Water Damage

A wooden exterior design is the epitome of comfort and beauty. Wooden boards, door frames, and window sills radiate positive vibes. It also provides an inviting look to the house. One can style wooden boards and patios in various ways. You can plant small trees, climbers, or creepers around it. Throw in some wooden furniture and fairy lights. Your home will be set to look like it came straight out of a movie.

No matter how pleasing a wooden exterior is, it is also one of the most complicated to manage. You have to protect it from seepage. You have to choose the paints that go with it. And you have to always be on the lookout for damages.

Run-down or busted wooden structures become home to mold and mildew. It also creates space for water intrusion, which leads to bubbling paint around it. Hence, just a small sign of damage, and you must repair, replace, and repaint!

Final Thoughts

Your house is as beautiful as you keep it. And it becomes a home when you put your heart and soul into creating a space that is inviting and pleasing to live in. A damaged exterior, chipped walls, broken frames, and flaked caulking aren’t pleasing to look at. Even you would be upset if that’s what you have to see every time you come home.

To prevent your house from falling into shambles, it’s best to always be on the lookout for even the smallest signs of refurbishing. If you see any of these signs, it’s time your home needs a fresh coat of paint.

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