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6 Best Torrent Sites That Work

Just though streaming appears to be all the rage these days, torrenting remains a superior choice for people who need to download their beloved films, songs, or TV shows. They give people an option for DVDs, Blue-Rays, and CDs. Torrenting is valuable equipment that broadly internet users are aware of. It is an unusual means of file-sharing that has bought a negative prestige in the media.

Various torrent locations have arrived and got on over the years, with several of them being compelled to shut down. However, some have governed to withstand and proceed to stay famous. In this writing, we will communicate the 06 best torrent sites for 2020 that still work!

These sites were assessed entirely and are 100% working as of the latest update.

1. The Pirate Bay – Number 1 Torrent Site Overall

You can rapidly discover verified torrents for both modern and ancient quantities.

Arguably the broadly popular torrenting site on the earth. This website was established in 2003 by Piratbryan, a Swedish thinktank-making it the considerably aged website on this catalog. It is furthermore one of the outstanding senior torrent sites on the internet. It has moved through various spasms and area shutdowns to re-emerge under each moment under a current web address or domain name.

Officers raided the company’s beliefs in Stockholm in December 2014. Various computers and appliances were confiscated, occurring in The Pirate Bay and various other file-sharing sites going offline around this period. But hardly like it had accomplished so many times before, the website once again survived and was reimbursed on January 31, 2015, with a phoenix brand exemplifying it had risen from the ashes.

Millions of tables are accessible on The Pirate Bay’s database, and they utilize a “Skull” policy to specify files uploaded by trusted users. Users have various shaded skulls displayed second to their names on the website. Each pigment exemplifies the different importance or membership class:

  • Green Skull – these are provided to VIPs or users who have been dealing with safe and high-quality torrent tables for an extended period and with relentless density.
  • Pink Skull – given to believed and verified uploaders. The officials and mediators of the website faith these uploaders to share and upload comfortable and working files.
  • Blue Skull – provided to the website’s most invaluable “front-liners” who enabled maintain it stable from fake files, spam, malware, and teenage pornography. They also existed as “helpers” and fulfilled as kind of deputies to the admins. Helpers have been eliminated from the website as of February 2015.

The Pirate Bay has remembered a lengthy and challenging past, but this strong favorite is still going robust. It has millions of torrents possible in different categories, along with support for magnet links and a straightforward interface that won’t give you any trouble even if you’re a beginner.

Standard download speed: 6.2 MB/s

Number of probe outcomes for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 1

Number of probe outcomes for “Joker”: 651

Number of probe outcomes for “The Witcher”: 3

Best leecher percentage for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 22/2

Best leecher percentage for “Joker”: 8,219/2,327

Best leecher percentage for “The Witcher”: 3,506/957

2. RARBG – Best for New Content

RARBG was established in 2008 and currently operates under several domains. It specializes in uploading high-quality video releases and has other files, such as music and games. Unfortunately, due to immense tension from BREIN, RARBG was compelled to shut down for a single week in December 2008.

Access to this overseeing torrenting site has also been impeded in several countries, including the UAE, England, Portugal, Denmark, Australia, Ireland, and Finland. At its maximum in 2015, it averaged more than 300,000 guests per day. As a result, this article’s enrollment to the website is shut down, but users can still download torrent files.

RARBG has been estimated since 2008 and has created a status for its high-quality torrents and comfort of use, as well as continual new enhancements. Aslo, refer to this guide that has music torrent sites and you can benefit out of it!

Unfortunately, this means it’s not under the radar. As an outcome, RARBG is impeded in many nations, including Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal, and the UK. However, a VPN for torrenting can help you evade these slabs.

Standard download speed:  6.1 MB/s

Number of probe outcomes for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 0

Number of probe outcomes for “Joker”: 25

Number of probe outcomes for “The Witcher”: 19

Best leecher percentage for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 0

Best leecher percentage for “Joker”: 1,881/447

Best leecher percentage for “The Witcher”: 448/147

3. 1337x – Best Torrent Search Options

A gaining a victory mixture of great variety and user-friendly interface

This website was established in 2007 and specialized in providing users with magnet links and torrent files that You can use for P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing. In 2018 it was rated as the third broadly popular torrent site on the internet. It attained the elevation of its popularity after the shutdown of Kickass Torrents. Its website also moved through an aesthetic overhaul and inaugurated modern functionalities.

Google has prohibited the website from accomplishing its outcomes pages, meaning it will never appear whenever one hunts for it through the Google search engine. The embargo was settled in place after an objection filed by Feelgood Entertainment in 2015. In October 2015, 1337X strode from its old “.pl” domain to “.to.” This was partially accomplished to avert the block, as the site can, however, be accessed by manually inputting its speech on the address bar.

Many users have lauded it as an option to The Pirate Bay in the light of the site’s potential closure.

1337x can enable you to find a torrent you’ll cherish even if you don’t know what you’re glancing at, thanks to its simple, governed interface. In addition, the website recently withstood a substantial rework, enhancing the graph and eradicating some severe safety threats.

Now it’s one of the wildly popular torrent trackers globally – to the degree where Google conceals it from search results.

Standard download speed:  4.2 MB/s

Number of probe outcomes for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 2

Number of probe outcomes for “Joker”: 200

Number of probe outcomes for “The Witcher”: 214

Best leecher percentage for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 21/5

Best leecher percentage for “Joker”: 10,903/5,161

Best leecher percentage for “The Witcher”: 6,092/3,083

4. Torlock – Number 1 website for Anime and Ebooks

A clear & minimalist interface makes it easy to find what you’re looking for

TorLock encompasses an enormous list of torrents with fantastic user experience, particularly if you’re looking for high-quality anime episodes or browsing equipment.

Users who like to download high-quality anime and ebooks will love Torlock. In addition to anime and ebooks, the site has plenty of symphony torrents as well. The interface is intuitive and clean and has a list of the top 100 most prominent torrents to help users obtain the best content. Several of the content on the site is much impossible to find in other trackers, but addicts are more likely to find plenty of popular downpour downloads here as well. To be particular, Torlock has more than 4.8 million files accessible.

Users might have one primary concern with the site: the sheer number of ads and pop-ups that always appear whenever they click on something.

Some of the junk on TorLock is problematic to find on different trackers, but you’re likely to find the most common torrents here as well. There are over 4.8 million to choose from.

Standard download speed: 4.4 MB/s

Number of probe outcomes for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 4

Number of probe outcomes for “Joker”: 728

Number of probe outcomes for “The Witcher”: 480

Best leecher percentage for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 5,165/1,148

Best leecher percentage for “Joker”: 1,136/49

Best leecher percentage for “The Witcher”: 438/21

5. Torrentz2 – Best for Songs

This is the unofficial duplicate of the recent Torrentz site that was closed in August 2016. During its blastoff, it originally indexed a whole of 60 million torrent files. The actual Torrentz site assisted BitTorrent’s meta-search engine. It was regulated by Flippy, who indexed torrent lists from several popular torrent locations on the internet.

In extension to tagging the files, Torrentz also collected various trackers for each torrent that wasn’t initially existing in the recent torrent file. This allowed additional trackers to pick up the burden if the default tracker ran down. In 2012, Torrentz was the 2nd most prevalent torrent location on the internet.

Torrentz2, its unofficial duplicate, has duplicated everything from the recent, encompassing its minimalist interface.

Torrentz2 is the new iteration of the outstanding Torrentz website. It has maintained the original site’s minimalist interface and a significant emphasis on music – it’s not unusual to glimpse decade-old torrents with 20+ seeders.

While there have been some differences in how magnet connections work, Torrentz2 stays an outstanding intention for audiophiles, and it’s one of the additional reliable trackers over.

Standard download speed: 2.0 MB/s

Number of probe outcomes for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 216

Number of probe outcomes for “Joker”: 1,116

Number of probe outcomes for “The Witcher”: 1,795

Best leecher percentage for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 207/25

Best leecher percentage for “Joker”: 421/1

Best leecher percentage for “The Witcher”: 568/9

6. YTS – Best for Classic Movies

Outstanding search engine and simple ordering. This torrent site is wholly devoted to movies. It has a tremendous diagram and various great movie torrent downloads to select from, making it a unique objective for film enthusiasts—another massive benefit of YTS.AM has over other torrent sites is how simple it gets on the user’s bandwidth. It is the religious beneficiary of the original YTS and YIFI group. YIFY’s torrents evolved popular among film nerds because of their high-quality downloads of the latest Hollywood films and TV shows.

Regardless, those who want to find additional quantity here might want to glance elsewhere as YTS.AM only gives films and nothing else. So, I don’t want to glimpse any games, songs, or other categories of downloads on this website.

YTS concentrates entirely on movies. The exemplary diagram and a wide variation of crowns make it the ideal torrent site for film fans.

The torrents are very simple on your bandwidth, which is one of the significant benefits of this site.

All around, YTS is selected for films, but since it doesn’t give any other sectors, you’ll have to grab another site from the catalog for games, songs, or TV shows.

Standard download speed: 3.2 MB/s

Number of probe outcomes for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 0

Number of probe outcomes for “Joker”: 0

Number of probe outcomes for “The Witcher”: 4

Best leecher percentage for “Lizzo, Good as Hell”: 0

Best leecher ratio for “Joker”: 3,282/736

Best leecher percentage for “The Witcher”: 0

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