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Writing under time-pressure: Exclusive tips from academic writers - Classi Blogger

Writing under time-pressure: Exclusive tips from academic writers

   Exclusive tips from academic writers   

As a student or writer, you have to compose a final academic paper within two hours, you have 30 minutes to write a SAT essay, you should finish a business proposal for your professor or employer. In fact, there is the same pressure when composing an essay or report regardless if you are a student or a professional writer.

But this pressure can turn into a great source of inspiration. It depends on how you will handle such pressure and anxiety. Actually, you will be surprised at the quality of output you will produce when you deal really well with the pressure in meeting your deadline.

Writing in a quick and efficient manner can be a habitual activity if done regularly. Here are the seven strategies that you can apply to avoid the feeling of anxiety when under pressure to meet a certain deadline.

1. Determine your purpose

Check the main purpose of your task. What questions need to focus on and be answered. Keep in mind that you should respond to homework or exam promptly and make sure that you are answering it directly and relevantly. In short, do not mislead your answers to different topics just to make content that you think is long enough for readers.

Make concise content that will get the best interest of your target audience. If you are creating an academic report, you should determine the intention of the assignment and write about it as short as possible. As you are doing this, be sure that you are not being out of the topic.

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2. Make a timetable before starting the task

Think and estimate the time you should spend on every step you will do in completing your essay or report. Set aside some time for proofreading and edits before finalizing for submission. Be disciplined enough to always follow your timetable. In any instance that you’ve felt troubled on one step, you can skip it and just come back to it later on. Maybe you can discover that you can ignore the step you have a problem with later on.

3. Break down your task

Take one small step at a time. List the series of steps you can manage to do and concentrate on it one by one. We all know that finishing a complete dissertation report or any academic papers can be overwhelming if not properly carried out. But you can still create some sentences without feeling distressed.

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4. Do not expect too much

Deadlines are one of the essential things to consider when completing an academic paper. The pressure of creating a superb written report within a short time may not get a chance to proofread it and check if everything is perfect. Since time is really important, you can just make simple, informative, and short paragraphs. Stick on the ways on how you write a report. You can also try some techniques like making use of bullets that can categorize your thoughts and will help your target readers to classify the essential data you want to deliver.

5. Always try to relax

Due to the time pressure, you are encountering just to meet your deadline, you may tend to feel some panic attacks. You can go for some relaxation strategies such as imagery exercise and deep breathing. Having power naps is also an effective way but make sure that it will not compromise the remaining time before reaching your deadline. Based on research, power naps can quickly refresh your brain rather than having a deep sleep.

6. Proofread your written report

During the last minute of finalizing a report, you should review it and be certain that all your relevant ideas are properly arranged. All that you are thinking which is essential to the report must be written on it. Do not think twice if you need to make an addition or remove some points that you think are irrelevant.

7. Make some revisions if needed

Not all writers can create error-free content, especially when under pressure. After you proofread your report, most likely, there will be a chance that you would notice some errors. With the remaining minutes of your time, make use of it to do some minor revisions that you believe will make your academic paper more appealing to the readers.

These are the techniques that you might want to practice when writing under pressure. But, if dealing with pressure is not your thing, you can look for a free essay writer that can do the job for you. Just keep in mind that this person should be reliable and has the knowledge on the task.

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  1. Writing under pressure can be challenging and never easy to finish off thing in the given time. Proofreading can help in maintaining the accuracy here.

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