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Why Visual Content Plays a Huge Role in Social Media Marketing - Classi Blogger

Why Visual Content Plays a Huge Role in Social Media Marketing

Let’s travel through time for a bit and journey back to when you were a kid. Do you remember the books you read? Which books did you fall in love with? Chances are, you fancied your picture books more than the ones that did not contain any image at all. Perhaps you loved the picture books because of the illustrations and images it contained. Each corner of the page was a feast for your eyes, and it was easier to imagine what was happening during that time, thanks to the illustrations. These pictures are also the reason why it is easier to remember the story.

As you grew up, your literature preference may have changed, but your eyes still look for visuals before even reading the text. Not to say that the words have no importance at all, but the eyes are automatically drawn to graphics, videos, and photos. This principle is applicable in social media marketing. Social media feeds these days are loaded with so much information.

With a billion people competing every single second in sharing information to the rest of the world, it’s crucial to come up with content that stands out. Studies have shown that among the different types of content uploaded almost every minute, the ones with visual content have the most engagement. Furthermore, these videos, graphics, and images solidify your company and the brand in the minds of those who see it.

Why Visual Content Plays a Huge Role in Social Media Marketing

Looking at the Numbers

Research shows that visual content has 95% more engagement compared to wordy entries without images.

Entrepreneurs agree that their sales increased by 37% when they incorporated visual content to their social media marketing strategy. This is confirmed by social media marketing strategists who admitted that they use visuals in promoting their company and products. There is also a longer recall for content that has photos, graphics, and videos.

Different Types of Visual Content

You can use different types of visual content in your social media marketing campaign. Plan your content in advance so you know what type of visuals will best deliver the message. Visual content strategy followed by the right approach flourish your business with the right audience.

Quote-images – this is a combination of well-known quotes and motivating images. These instantly get a lot of likes because people are drawn to memorable quotes and beautiful photographs.

Photographs – the eyes have so much appreciation for stories that are told through photographs. These also play a huge role for online shops since people want to see the products first before making any purchase.

Infographics – this is a combination of text and graphics. The text provides important information while the graphics put emphasis on the message that needs to be delivered. One way to create effective infographics is by using an infographics maker.

Maps – Transforming locational data into maps creates actionable and intuitive insights. For example, you can create google heat maps based on numerical data tied to a geographical location.

Memes – everyone wants a good laugh these days that’s why memes are such a hit on social media. This is a brilliant way to promote a product since memes get a lot of engagement and views.

Life Hacks – these are do-it-yourself tips about absolutely everything. These also provide simple solutions to different problems so people save more and spend less.

Videos – people always a have a soft spot for moving images that’s why videos are also brilliant tools that you can use in your social media marketing campaign. Just make sure that the videos are not too long because if it’s too dragging, people will hit the close button.

The main goal of adding visual content to your marketing strategy is to be one step ahead of your competitors. Add visuals to any content and it will instantly look better. However, make sure that you don’t just add any visual content.

Think about it, plan it well, and know when, or where to post. Know what message you want to deliver and how to deliver it. If it’s for an advocacy, go for infographics. If it’s a product that you intend to sell, choose photos. If it is about services that you want to offer, go for videos.Also consider who you’re talking to. This will allow you to adjust your visual content and present it in a language they can understand.

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