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Why Modern Bloggers Take Credits? - Classi Blogger

Why Modern Bloggers Take Credits?

Like every other human face financial uncertainties one time or the other in life, bloggers are no exception to this harsh life necessity as they have their hard share of being broke to the point of seeking for best payday loans to apply for and get some quick cash to move on with. Several other factors can be associated with the reasons why they opt-in for loans even though their problems may vary because of peculiarity.   

Most modern bloggers have been discovered to be victims of facing hard times, maybe because they don’t have the required funds to scale ads on search engines and make profits or many other reasons.

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Financial Problems What Modern Bloggers Face

#1 Domain and Host Purchase

Blogging, like any other business, needs proper funding, these could include buying a domain and also hosting it. Some might be quick to say numerous online platforms offer free domain names and even free hosting, but the raw truth is that to be a real success as a blogger and maintain your pedigree, you should have your domain name and paid to host. Taking this step gives you professional confidence that your blogging business is ready to scale heights. 

#2 Hiring Freelancers to Write Content

As the internet parlance goes, “Content Is King“. A blog without a vibrant, captivating, informative, educative, or appealing content is like an empty store without products. Some bloggers possess excellent writing skills while others do not; these are the ones who hire freelance writers who in turn pay for their services. The different issues most times might be the case of not being a skilled writer as a blogger and yet can’t still afford the services of a freelancer, hence the loan mindset. 

#3 Paying For Ads to Drive Traffic

Purchasing a domain name, host, and hiring good freelance writers doesn’t convert to spinning money on your blog. Traffic does the conversion. There are proven free methods to drive real traffic that converts to a blog, but it takes patience, hard work, and determination to achieve such.

Paid ads are targeted to a specific audience that might be interested in the niche your blog was built upon, but they can be cost-effective; Bing, Facebook, Google, Reddit, Pinterest, and other ad platforms have been put into use by elite bloggers and its yielded results for them, but most aspiring modern bloggers find themselves financially disabled to take go that way.

#4 Emergency Funds

Most bloggers take blogging as a full-time business, so there might cases of slow or no income at a point, and at the same time, an emergency might arise. It could be medically related or life-threatening. For this one reason, bloggers might apply for loans. 

#5 Home Repairs and Improvement

Uncertainties like a fire outbreak or any natural disaster might occur or there a specific need for home expansion such as gating, leaking roof or installation of security devices. Or if a blogger creates his content at home, he needs the photogenic environment. In this case, a blogger might take a loan consideration. 

#6 Gadget or Electronic Replacement

A loan might be needed when incidents like loss of phone or laptop damage occur, and since these devices are like a blogger’s physical office, they need to be replaced promptly. 

#7 Education

The role of education in everyone’s life cannot be undermined. Educational needs like furthering or getting a dream degree may surface, hence the reason for one to take a loan. 

#8 Debt Consolidation

This is one of the core reasons why bloggers obtain loans, to pay off overwhelming high-interest debt. A personal loan aids the borrower to streamline multiple payments accrued from several other obligations and pulls it together as a single monthly payment with a lower interest rate. The rates can move from 20% to as little as 5%.   


Listed above are some technical, financial problems bloggers face, and the reasons why they obtain loans. This article is written to inform and enlighten most blog readers that bloggers don’t live in paradise as many envisage. They also run into debts, financial downturns and can be broke too. They are humans and not robots. We all face similar issues as humans. Obtaining loans is not a bad idea once the means to repay is viable.

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