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It is not just the unethical websites that the parents today need to worry about; it is also the use of social media that can be very irritating. This problem is not just alarming for the parents but also for those who are running a business; they have a company, and they want to ensure that their employees do not spend time posting photos on Facebook or giving out tweets.

This is quite an alarming situation. It has to be controlled and luckily there are many mobile phone apps which and software that can help spy on the children and employees. There are many reasons that social media spying is necessary and here in this article given are a few reasons and solutions.

social media spying_how to spy social media_classiblogger

The Digital Parent

Today you need to be a digital parent. The use of software and mobile apps such as SMS tracker, or Life360, TheOneSpy can ensure that you are always spying on the children without them knowing. These are a few of the latest apps that can be used for better and enhanced monitoring of the children.

There are so many other parental controls that can be utilized, but the first question is that why is it need? Why the parents today need to use those powers to take care of their children. The reasons are very obvious, and this is how the social media spying comes into play.

The content of Twitter or Facebook is not always about friends and posts and photos from the friends and relatives; it can be many other things such as porn groups on Facebook or other magazines which have the Facebook pages which are not appropriate for children.

It is always a chance that your child can get onto that page and see what’s going on in that world. So to stop he children from seeing that kind of content it is must that you as a parent installs a parental control. One of the best parental control apps that I know is TheOneSpy; there are others like the AVG antivirus software that you can also install and have extra features of the checks added to the antivirus program which is also way cool to monitor and stop them from viewing the inappropriate content.

On the social media, the children can be exposed to bullying or fraud or even sexting. This is why spying is necessary to be a digital parent. The social media is one of the most used websites of the World Wide Web. All across the w3orld it is estimated that almost 73% of teenagers are using the social apps, out of which the 20% of those visit their social sites every day more than 10 times, 70% or more use the social media via their cell phones (this is where the apps such as Life360, TheOneSpy, and The SMS tracker can come in handy).

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The Digital Employer

It is not just the parent show need to worry about their children getting spoiled; it is also the employers who have laptops and computers in their offices and allow the use of smartphones to the employees. People who work in the office are also always looking to get some free time and not work.

According to the latest researches more than 25% of employees sue their Facebook profiles in offices while working, while working out of 10, six employees access their social media profiles, more than 60% stream videos on their Smartphone’s and mobiles while at work. This is the alarming situation, and the employers need to be digital and need to use the social media spying apps and software.

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