What to Do If you Are out of Blogging Ideas? 

If you are reading this, you are probably running out of inspiration or suffering from some other kind of writer's block. Don't get too upset about it, all of us may have such rainy days at some point, no writer or blogger is ever safe from it. But then again, getting upset about it is also perfectly normal. What's not normal is sitting back and doing nothing.


Here is a list of a few better things to do instead:


The ball here being the latest news from your craft. Take care that you always have a bunch of sources to get that news from – subscribe to a ton of websites and blogs covering your field of interest. Surely, while reading the news, you will come across an interesting topic that you have something to say about.

Tip: Don't forget about your readership: the relevance of the story to your blog's topic might not be all that obvious, it might need some extra explanation. Also, remember to conclude your article with a lesson we've learned from it.


While reading the news or your fellow bloggers' posts, do not just dismiss an article just because it seems irrelevant to you. Honor it with a little thinking, and it might just return the favor. It may turn out to have a quite unexpected (say, metaphorical) connection to the general topic of your blog. People do love surprising twists.

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Just look through your comments sections and take a look at:

a) what people ask;

b) what stories they have to share;

c) what issues seem to be on the front burner.

If your muse is nowhere to be found, just post a question asking your esteemed readership about what they would find particularly interesting to read about. They will surely appreciate yet another display of the fact that you care about them. As an option, this questioning can come in two turns: first, you just collect ideas; then, you select the favorites (yours or the audience's) and make the final poll with variants to vote for.


Take a look at what's hot right now in Google Trends or on Twitter. Writing about something from the popular trends will surely be a success because you know that a lot of people are already looking for this info.

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That's right. Flex your writing muscle. By that we mean freewriting. Just open a blank text document and write anything about whatever comes to your mind at the moment. Describe your childhood pet, your favorite cartoon character, your favorite food, or that breathtaking view from your window. You don't have to save this text, you don't even have to look back at it later. As a writer, you definitely know that inspiration may be hiding and waiting for you in places most unexpected.

Speaking of unexpected places,


Maybe that's exactly what you need if you've been sitting mesmerized by the blinking cursor for quite some time now. Get some fresh air, take a bath, grab a bite of your favorite snack, or just do whatever it is you like doing. Just keep your mind open!

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Not that Pablo Picasso was a globally recognized authority on blogging, but he did once say “The bad artist imitates, the great artist steals”… or was it Oscar Wilde who said this? Or maybe it was you? Anyway, it is arguable that you can actually steal an idea. Unlike content, ideas cannot be copyrighted – so, there's no copyright to infringe.

What we mean here is that it may prove useful to go check out your favorite blogs. This time, you should not look at what they post, but rather at how they post: the sequence of posts, the logic, the patterns, the use of imagery, and other small things like that which normally don't strike the eye.

Just don't do any actual stealing.


Take a brief look at your blog's statistics and sort out the most viewed posts. These are your top hits, and this means that there definitely was something great about them. Try to fracture their topics into more narrow and concrete subtopics and expand on one of those. Just because you've covered a topic once, doesn't necessarily mean that there's nothing to write about it anymore.

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Remember Icarus? He aimed too high and look where that got him.

Many bloggers repeat this mistake in their own way. They aim to produce a killer post covering a complicated topic, with a serious twist or two in the narrative, etc. They forget that that's not the purpose. A simpler post can also be quite good; not every article must necessarily be a huge hit.

On the other hand, it is useful to step back a bit. Don't forget that, unlike you, your readership is not comprised of experts on the given subject. Overcomplicating things will simply scare them off. So, you need to speak their language and think basic.


A new blog post does not necessarily mean new in its content. It can just as well be new in its form. Why stick to written text? As an option, you can draw a comic of doodles. Or maybe your audience wants to hear your beautiful voice and/or see your beautiful face, but are just too shy to admit it? Try and record a podcast and/or a video.

Taking the idea one step further, webinars are a big thing today. Everyone does them these days, so why don't you? Just take some topic that you've covered not-so-recently and turn it into a webinar. Then write a post covering the webinar.

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Suppose your blog is your mansion, your blog posts are rooms, and your audience is your guests. You need to show yourself a welcoming host. Assuming your blog has grown quite big by now, you don't want your “guests” to get lost in all those rooms and “secret passages” (those being the links between the posts). So, why not write a comprehensive guide on the riches of your “mansion”?

Try and sort all your posts into theme groups. Place them in some logical sequence and add brief descriptions. Add short introduction and conclusion.

Voila! You have a post that not only makes your blog more navigable, but also invites your audience to read (or re-read) one or two more posts.

Consider these recommendations, and exorcize that blogger's block for good. Now go get them, champion!

Author's Bio:

Richard Nolan is a blogger and a private tutor,  sharing his experience in spheres of  education, self – growth and psychology. Nowadays writing for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers and students.

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