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What gadgets do students like the most?

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Most students would like a self-cleaning sex machine that also tidies up the place and makes them a sandwich before it switches itself off. However, the Japanese are not ready to put that device on the market yet, so here are a few gadgets that some students may enjoy. The only problem with most gadgets aimed at students is that they are not within a student’s budget. It is a shame that most manufacturers seem to be unaware that students are often too strapped for cash to be able to afford the gadgets that they are trying to sell to them.

Noise Cancelling Earphones

These are ideal for students because dorms are often noisy, and it is especially true if you have to share a room with someone. Even at home, it may be noisy if you have arguing parents or noisy siblings. Sometimes you may actually have to concentrate on the audio being played, which is difficult if there is a lot of exterior noise.

There are two types, there are the ones that cancel out exterior noise but only if you have music playing. And, there are the ones that are more expensive that will cancel out exterior noise without you having to play music. The cheaper version is okay if that sound of your music is better than the sound of people around you, or if you need to hear an audio lesson or are learning a new language via an audio track.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

There is also a tea version of this device too. You fill up a cup of water, empty it into the device and place your cup underneath. You press the button and it makes a cup of coffee for you. If you wish to add milk then you may do so after the device has filled up your cup. It saves a lot of hassle with the whole coffee making process.

The Laptop Locking Wire and Clamp

This is ideal for students both inside and outside the dorm. The fact is that there is crime no matter where you go. You may wish to go to the toilet or get a drink. You could always take your laptop with you, or you can set a lockable clamp onto the desk, attach the wire, and lock to your laptop. People will be unable the carry your laptop off.

A Reliable Flash Drive

Flash drives are a staple of student life. They are portable and are needed all the time for a number of things. The hard part is finding a reliable one. Just one error may remove the entirety of your files, and they often delete the files if you leave them for too long. A long lasting and reliable flash drive is an ally for the hardworking student.

A Low Cost and Small Printer

Students may need a printer every now and again. They are not in demand as much as they used to be, as many essays are now submitted online. However, a small and portable printer is still very convenient for a student to own. The portability factor alone means that the student may take it to the dorm, take it home, or take it to somebody else’s room.

Photosensitive Night Light

This is more of a gadget for people who do not fancy sleeping in complete darkness. They may feel quite secure in their own homes, but may not feel very safe in crowded dorms. A small night light that only comes on when it is dark is both convenient and un-intrusive. It is also handy for if you want to keep a light on but your roommate does not. It is a nice little compromise.

An E-Reader

Possibly one of the only useful mobile devices on the market for students. Smartphone or tablet devices are all well and good, but they do not really offer any sort of benefit for learning that a desktop computer cannot do a thousand times better. An e-reader however will make reading long passages of digital text a lot easier to read. With an e-reader, you are able to lean backwards and read, instead of leaning forwards as you would with a book.

It is also more difficult to read digital text for a long time on a computer screen. For some reason, it is slightly easier on an e-reader, although it is still not as easy as reading text from a book. But, you can carry around quite a few books on an e-reader, whereas it is a lot harder to carry around a lot of paper-based books.

Kate Funk is a writer and tutor at tutortop.com where she offers different test taking strategies for the students.

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