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What Are Your Motivations For Blogging? How to Find an Inspiration? - Classi Blogger

What Are Your Motivations For Blogging? How to Find an Inspiration?

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This is a difficult little question to answer, because what is your reason?

Do you actually have a reason?

Did you start with a reason?

Or did you just feel like doing it? What motivates a person to take time out of their life every week to write a blog post for free, and post it online for perfect strangers to look at? You could argue that programmers do the same.

You could argue that programmers spend weeks on making open source programs, only to give them away free. And, then people take the open source code and improve it for free and post it online again. But, at least with programming you get a little bit of a return. You get to see what others have done to your code, plus you get the benefit of other open source programs. But, what motivates a blogger? The financial rewards are pitiful and nobody has ever achieved fame via a blog (feel free to cite examples if you know any), so why do it? And what inspires a blogger? Here are a few potential motivators and inspirations.

Blogging as a hobby is often motivation enough

Some people simply like writing and a blog is a good place to put your written works. Writing for money would seem to be a good option for this sort of person, but that will mean writing about the things that your boss tells you to. This is not very exciting for most prolific or hobbyist bloggers.

With a blog a person is able to come up with any topic that he or she likes, and then write about it. People do not often have this option when they are employed to write.

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Blogging to make your voice heard

People have opinions and thoughts that they would like to express. They can use a blog to express their thoughts, which act as both a motivation to write and inspiration to write. They may have a strong view on a new amendment that is going through parliament at the moment. They may be able to use their blog in order to make their voice heard on the subject.

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Blogging can be used to show your support for something

A blogger may have strong political views and want to show the world what he or she thinks about the newest presidential candidate. This is something that a blogger can do quite freely. There is also no restriction on what a blogger may say on his or her blog. Sure, he or she may get in trouble if the blog is all about how to make a bomb, but for the most part there are no restrictions on what you can and cannot say on a blog.

The only person that administers the blog is the blogger himself/herself. This means that things such as foul language is okay if the blogger likes it.

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A blog can be an outlet for pent up feelings

Some people like to talk about their feelings to their friends; others like to talk to therapists. If you are a New York cab driver then you like to talk about your problems to the busy businessperson who is late for a meeting. A blog is a suitable place to express your pent up feelings.

The topic and inspiration for the topic is going to be highly personal.

But, what difference does it make who reads it?

After all, in 100 years, everyone who ever read it will be dust and the blogger will be eating turkey with Jesus, so what does it matter if people know your personal problems and pent up feelings. Ironically, the really candid stuff is what makes it such a thumping good read.

There may be people who appreciate your unabashed and uncensored truth. Lots of people recite stories to make themselves look good, but few recite stories that are no-holes-barred true.

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Some bloggers write in order to practice writing

This provides plenty of motivation, but not very much inspiration. A writer may wish to get better at writing, and the only way to do that is to practice. New writers are going to have trouble selling their works, but this changes as they get better at writing. The unsalable stuff can go onto the blog, since it may as well go somewhere. It is also a nice record of how a blogger’s writing quality has increased over time, starting with the poor quality first post and leading up to the high quality recent posts.

Author’s bio:

The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson from She writes essays on different topics and can give you useful advice.

Glad you like this post. Your comments are welcome.

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  1. Its really a inspirational post. We had seen and read all such quotes many times but when all they’re collected in such a descriptive manner then it’s obvious inspire us.

    1. Hi Aassif,

      Welcome to my blog. Thanks for your appreciation. As a blogger, we know about, what is adsense?, how to make money online?, what is wordpress? etc… But, newbie bloggers, don’t know about the blogging. So this will be useful for the readers like you.

  2. I have to disagree with you. there are plenty of bloggers who are earning a handsome amount from their blogs. It’s a profession by nature if you can think. The moment you can take it as a profession then you will realize how to earn with it. Blogging can give you profit if you become professional.

    For Example take: Darren Rowse from He is one top blogger in the world. Another one is John Chow. I can recall many others who has taken this as profession so there is no way you have to look it as a pitiful job. Blogging is really interesting if you know what to write and where to look for the info.

    1. Hi Delwar,

      Welcome to my blog. I am not saying that, bloggers are not earning money from their blogs. Am just asking to the bloggers, what is your motivation and how you find inspiration for blogging. That’s it. Anyway thanks for sharing your opinion Delwar. Hope to see you again Delwar.

    2. Hi Jaha,
      I totally do agreewith you. Blogging is a profession on its own. Taking it seriously will certainly bring those desired income.
      Darren , John and several others have prove that!

      1. Hi Emmanuel,

        First of all, a warm welcome to my blog Emmanuel. Darren and John Chow are evergreen bloggers. While started blogging, they decided to help others, but days goes on they decided to see the blog as profession. This is what all the bloggers are doing now.

        In india, most bloggers are started blogging only by the inspiration of others. I was mostly inspired by the bloggers like Amit Agarwal, Harleena, Amar Ali, Mohammed Rafi etc… the list will goes on. Hope to see you again Emmanuel.

  3. Hi,

    I’ve been into blogging to help out others by sharing experience that I’ve got till now. Although, the motivations can vary person to person, the main objective of the blog was to provide valuable and informative content. Interestingly, blogging has also helped me in improving my command over English as well as preparing myself for GRE 😉 .

    1. Hi Pawan,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Your blog is looking nice and informative. By seeing your blog, i confirm that you are helping others and sharing your experience of blogging. Keep on doing. I wish you all the best for your blogging career.

  4. When I first started blogging, it was simply to get my thoughts out there. It was its own kind of unique therapy in a way really, a way to vent. This all on a personal blog back when I was quite young actually.

    Then one day, I got an email from someone asking me why I didn’t monetize it. I looked up some information, and once I knew I can make money from simply writing online, I was hooked. I started making niche sites for the cash, then launched a blog, then another, and now I’m making more than both of my parents, at 17.

    So now, there are two main reasons why I blog – first, to make money. I do make a very decent amount on some of my websites/blogs, and not so much on others (but then again, some are new and are being built up with content right now!), and the other reason is to simply educate as many people as I can by sharing my knowledge.

    1. I am very happy to see that, by blogging, you make your parents comfort. Thanks for sharing your experience. From your experience, others learned that, blogging is not only for sharing information, it is also helps to make decent money and also we can get good friendship and relationship with others. Keep on contributing James. Thanks for coming here. Hope to see you again.

  5. Hi Sonia and Nirmal,

    Ah…interesting question 🙂

    You mentioned some good reason why people blog. Speaking of myself, I started my blogs quite recently because I felt I had something to share with people – my experiences and that was my way of helping and giving back to the blogging community who have always been so supportive. There is no other reason for my blogging, nor do I make all that much in terms of money where blogging is concerned, as that’s not what I earn from. However, the little that comes is used to sustain the blog and that’s pretty alright for me presently. Yes, things can always change for the better and let’s see how they go, though I really don’t worry much about it presently.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Mam,

      Thanks for made a comment on my blog. I always expect you to visit my blog often. Thanks for your appreciation and sharing your experience.

    1. Hi Sangram,

      Thanks for your reply. I visited your blog, it’s looking nice and posts are informative & interesting to read.

  6. nice post

    if we blog for reader and get them right answer for which they are searching then you can get good traffic.

    and monetize it with google adsense then you can become successful in bloggers world.

    1. Hi Sumit,

      yes, you are correct. I am agree with you. Not only providing right answers to the readers get traffic to the blog, we can also have to do some SEO, SMO, keyword research, submitting website to directories etc… Thanks for your valuable comment sumit. Keep on contributing.

  7. awesome post, i am doing blogging as it is my hobby. i think you had covers each and every aspect of this topic, thanks a lot 🙂

    1. Hi Umesh,

      A warm welcome to my blog. The motivation and interest can be vary person to person. For you it is hobby, for me, it’s passion, and for someone it may be to earn money. Thanks for your appreciation and valuable comment. Keep on reading. Hope to see you again.

  8. Well written post Nirmal, I’ve been into blogging to improve command over English, to share my knowledge about the field with the online community.

    1. Hi Tarun,

      Interest may vary from person to person for blogging. Some bloggers had, develop their skills, after blogging for something. Thanks for sharing your improvements in blogging.

  9. Hi,
    Blogging have same condition like a coin. It has 2 phases, but both are giving benefits either its earning side or habit. both are working parallel for same destination.

    1. Hi Amit,

      Yes you are correct. Everything in the world is having two phases, Good/Bad, Right/Wrong, Male/Female, Black/White, Fire/Water, etc… Thanks for sharing your thought. Expecting you again Amit.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you very much for your kind words & appreciation. It’s happy to see that, you like my blog more. Keep on reading my blog.

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