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What are the Mobile App Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid in 2019? - Classi Blogger

What are the Mobile App Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid in 2019?

Over the last couple of years, mobile has changed the scene of consumerism as it becomes our favorite tool for various tasks like reading news, socializing, shopping, booking tickets, and paying bills.

Talking as a professional marketer, mobile is the most powerful and advanced way to connect with your audience. But the reality is that with great power comes great responsibility. Since mobile is a personal medium, so it is the easiest place for marketers to make mistakes that can turn off customers forever.

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Apart from this, mobile app developers and marketers know how omnipresent mobile is. Every day, more than 1500 applications being launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store; therefore, it is quite complex to succeed in a world dominated by apps.

But a right mobile app marketing strategy takes you ahead from your competitors and ensures that users return to your application. However, marketers need to be very careful while marketing the app and avoid some common mistakes that can lead to disappointing results and budget wastes.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that you should while marketing your application:

Developing Without a Monetization Strategy

On the Apple app store, there are approximately 2 million mobile applications, at the same time, the cost per install continues to hover around the $2 mark. Across the industry, the user acquisition being a challenge, so it is important for you to make as much money as possible from the installs that you do manage to generate. To do this, you should place your monetization strategy instantly.

Basically, there are 3 different ways in which you can monetize your app:

  • In-App Purchases:

In-app purchases are considered as the best ways of monetizing your application. When you will check out the top grossing applications in the US App Store, you will notice that only two to three apps are paid apps.             

Mobile App Marketing Mistakes-classiblogger1In the chart, many the free applications are there because of their IAPs. Most of the users are looking forward to purchasing IAPs that can unlock the extra features, remove advertising and enable users to progress through a game faster. Pokemon Go and Candy Crush Saga are the best examples of this business model.

  • Ad Revenue:

Mobile App Marketing Mistakes-classiblogger2

As we all know that ad revenue is the most popular form of app monetization as it serves a comprehensive range of ad units that give developers the opportunity to strike a balance. You should make sure in your mind that if your application is paid, you implement ads that will almost certainly lead to negative reviews.

  • Subscriptions:

Mobile App Marketing Mistakes-classiblogger3

It is true that subscriptions are not considered as well adopted like in-app purchases; however, this option will give a huge impact on the lifetime value of a user within your application. To use the subscription model, it is essential that your app delivers value to users over an extended period. Evernote is one such example of the subscription model.

Considering the Mobile Experience Like Desktop

A lot of mobile experiences are just smallest versions of the brand’s desktop, allowing the exact same functionality, and trying to shrink it down to the small screen. However, the mobile application is a completely different channel for experiences, and it must be treated differently for new opportunities as it delivers.

A mobile customer will instantly abandon overwhelming designs, which imitator desktop content page for page. It is common to think that a customer will input as much information on the mobile device as they do on the desktop.

However, the input is quite time-consuming on mobile devices and it is imperative to design that considering it in mind. Even, the small screen is the best as it allows you to focus on what is important.         

Mobile App Marketing Mistakes-classiblogger4

Apart from design, mobile is also well-known for delivering powerful abilities. For instance, mobile applications are delivering the advantage of being able to know where we are all the time. It will make the whole life a lot simpler when we just need to tap a button.

You can do is simplify your customers’ lives by just giving attention on some of the major things. Pare down some of the functionality to core tasks if you have a desktop website or application. Know from your customers about them like what they really miss from your desktop version.

However, the font game mobile application is the best example of design, which is mobile optimized. The app will exactly fit for mobile with big buttons, visual appeal and emphasizing on just main features.

Fail to Adapt to Each Platform

As we all know that there is a huge difference between in iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. It means if any strategy is effective and working on one platform, it doesn’t mean that it will work on another one as well.

Let’s take one example, on Android platform, it is possible to launch a free version of your application, which has least number of users, a strategy that is used in different desktop apps. But it is not possible on iOS platform.

Moreover, the rules of ASO varies from platform to platform, so ensure that you check on the best practices for the store that you are developing for. Eventually, you need to be sure about following the right developer’s guidelines for each platform.

However, Apple is one such platform that is quite fussy when it comes to which apps are obtainable on the App store, so it is important to comprehend if there is any king of risk to your concept.

Fail to Meet Consumer’s Expectations

As you know that consumers instantly judge mobile apps, so it is important that you manage their expectations in your marketing materials, be it your description, icon, screenshots or preview video.

Mobile App Marketing Mistakes-classiblogger5

In case, if you undersell yet over deliver, you are far more likely to attract positive reviews to your app. You can highlight the unique selling points of your app; however, don’t overstate their capabilities.

If you flip this across and end up in a situation, where you over promise and serve, it likely that your application will end up being shelled with negative reviews. You cannot afford to have this happen with this now widely accepted that reviews towards your apps search ranking.

Least Understanding of LTV

LTV means Lifetime Value of your application and it is the measure of the revenue a customer will bring while their lifetime of using your application. However, if you know the lifetime value of your customers, you comprehend what you can afford to invest in acquiring new users and how much you can spend on updating and enhancing your application.

If you are ready to spend either or on both is higher than the lifetime value, you are going to run into problems. Presently, the main challenge for indie developers is that there is no competitive way to calculate your average user LTV that is a manual process. Talking about the top most thing, the average cost per install is constantly rising that means developers are looking forward to achieving an even higher average LTV per user.

So, these are some of the most common mistakes that mobile app marketers should avoid and make the app most popular and successful. If you have also any confusion regarding mobile app marketing strategies and want to discuss with the professionals, you get in touch with a leading mobile app development company that has professional mobile app marketing team.

Author Bio: Mohammad is Senior Content Editor and IT consultant for VironIT, a leading mobile app development company. If you are looking to hire professional mobile app marketing team, please contact.

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