Types Of Women's Shoes That Cannot Be Missing In Your Closet

There are women’s shoes that transcend fashion itself. They become a style in themselves due to their characteristic design and their great functionality. This is why there are a number of them that should have a reserved place in every woman’s closet. The search for this type of footwear can be long and the large number of shoes that we see on social networks or in street style does not help much when deciding.

To help you with your search, we have gathered the best types of women’s shoes. You may already have them among your favorites, otherwise, we assure you that they are the type of shoe with which you will get out of most situations. And if you are missing any of them, put them on your wish list because it will do a great job for you.

Surely you already have one in mind, we know every woman is different and she has her own favorites, but we want to recommend five that are essential for your looks. Are you ready?

What types of shoes are there for women?

We know firsthand that there is a wide variety of types of women’s shoes, each designed for specific occasions. Whether you’re planning your looks for the next event, looking for something comfortable yet elegant for the office, or just updating your wardrobe with more modern footwear, there’s a shoe to suit every occasion.

Even if there are several alternatives, just a select number are necessary to produce the most up-to-date and colorful designs. Albeli are referring to items that are comfy, adaptable, and never go out of style that you will utilize eventually. We will tell you which are the top five essential ones. Do you want to discover them? We show you!

Heels to stylize the legs

The first type of shoe for women could not be other than heels. Blacks are usually the most common, although we recommend that you be daring and opt for other color ranges.

It is an essential type of footwear that does not clash in any sophisticated event. They are elegance-made shoes. Its heel slims the legs to create a very feminine look that, combined with any dress, suit jacket or jumpsuit, will make any woman the center of attention.

With the heat hot on our heels, we bet on high-heeled sandals, protagonists in our day and night events. Although if what you are looking for is to elevate the elegance of your look to the maximum, we recommend court shoes, a classic for weddings, communions or baptisms.

Loafers, a classic reborn

The classic among the classics is found in loafers. In recent years, trends have led them to modernize a lot and we can find models that will be a must for the summer. Our recommendation is that you combine them with pleated pants.

In addition, you have this type of shoe for women with heels, so that you can elevate your office looks to the highest level. Or if you want to give your feet a break from heels, you can bet on classic loafers with renewed designs.

Simple dress ballerinas

In the world of footwear, simplicity and elegance take the form of ballerinas. They are able to fit into any look without giving up comfort. It is a very feminine type of shoe that admits a great variety of decorative details such as bows and fringes. The comfort it gives to the feet makes them one of the preferred options for going to work.

For those who prefer to elevate the elegance of their look a few centimeters without losing comfort, we have heeled ballerinas, models that will break all the stereotypes in comfortable footwear.

Sneakers, fashionable sports

If you’re looking for a trendy way to wear sneakers with everything from pants to skirts, women’s sneakers are the way to go. Nobody can resist a pair of sneakers. They are perfect for adding a chic, fun and sporty touch to the most formal looks.

From jeans to blouses, t-shirts or dresses, they allow you to combine them with clothes that you would never have imagined. And best of all, they are ideal as well as being comfortable made into a shoe. You will be surprised by all its possibilities!

Sandals, synonymous with summer

It is essential to have women’s sandals to give fresh air to any model, although true fans of fashion and footwear try to have several to be able to wear different colors and shapes. There are heels and flats, so we recommend that you have at least one of each type.

Throughout the year a woman is immersed in a thousand different situations. In the same way that we like to have a bag for every occasion, it is also necessary for her to be prepared in terms of footwear.

With this list that we have prepared for you, you will never again have doubts about what types of women’s shoes to wear at all times to combine style and comfort with each step.

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