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Turn Your Love For Writing Into A Full-Time Job

Being a writer can be a calling or a job. Nowadays, it’s possible to accept online writing jobs and make it a full-time gig. If you have a current day job, it’s ideal that you don’t quit, just yet. Instead, you can start by working at nights or weekends. As soon as you get a long-term gig, you can leave your job so that you can write full-time.

But before you can make it possible, you need to “want” it first. Then, make sure that you can do things that other people can’t. That is, you should consider working in dreadful hours, like weekends and early mornings. And while you’re starting, you might need to give up a few things.

How To Turn Your Love For Writing Into A Full-Time Job-classiblogger

Once you get your writing career, all those sacrifices are more than worth it. It’ll be no longer difficult to get paid substantially. In most cases, it can give you a moderate income.

But how should you start?

Create an online portfolio

It means that you must have a website where you can showcase your writing skills. Your site does not have to be a full-fledged blog. But make sure that it is a site that you can call your online home so that it’ll be easier for your potential clients to find you.

This online portfolio must be updated. You can put up a blog that you can update per week or per month. Others use it as its online business card that highlights their best work. But no matter how you use your personal website, it can help your career.

Build your social media following

In addition to having a blog or a website, you must also start to build an audience on social media.

You need to have a strong social media presence, which is the key to your success in the digital world. It does not matter whether you wish to be a novelist or a freelance writer. Having a robust social media presence can boost your career.

To build a social media presence, you need to have enough followers. Use LinkedIn’s Pulse. It’s a native publishing platform that you can use to get your content noticed by professionals. But make sure to publish articles that are on the same lines as Pulse. The articles can have a minimum of 500 words. Or if you could write more than 2,000 words, then that would be better.

The good news here is that your content won’t be considered a duplicate entry by Google. Then again, you might want to change a few lines so that you can speak directly to your audience on LinkedIn.

Then, join writing groups on Facebook that are based in the best cities for writers. It’s another way for you to get noticed on social media. However, ensure that the group is built for writers who wish to meet and collaborate with other writers. Who knows? You might find your next long-term writing gig here.

When building a social media following, don’t aim for thousands of people. Having more than a hundred followers is enough to boot. It’s especially true if these followers are engaging.

Find your niche

It’s true that you can write anything under the sun. But you must know the perfect niche for your talent. Determine your passion and skill set. What are you good at? Do you like reviewing gadgets and sharing your insights about technology? Then, you could be a great technology writer. If you like to cook or bake, then you can focus on food.

The niche that you choose must be a subject that you’re passionate about. That’s because you can’t write well if you don’t like the topic. Writing subjects that you fancy will help you create hundreds or thousands of articles about them. But if you’re not enthusiastic about it, then you could never write more than one article.

Inject your personality

Some clients love it when their writers inject personality into their writing. But make sure that when you write, you must follow your client’s guidelines. If your client recommends to be yourself when writing, then put your personality in your words.

Secure a long-term work

At first, it’s difficult to find a writing gig that provides a secure paid work. Thus, you need to learn how to create that perfect resume or pitch so that you can always have a writing job that pays more than what you’re getting from your previous job.

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