Dating apps are an integral part of contemporary dating culture. They have been in use for 20 years already and they don’t lose their popularity. However, many singles have changed their requirements for the quality of dating apps. Last year their preferences shifted to something more meaningful than swiping. Although dating apps give an opportunity to meet many new people from other parts of your country or overseas, they mainly facilitate hookups.

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Using these apps, people forget what old-school dates are. Another problem with the dating apps is a mixed audience. It means that they are used both by people who want to find a partner for a serious relationship and those who look for a one-night stand. Having analyzed experts’ comments, guys behind came up with some predictions for 2017.

1. Dating apps will become marriage apps.

There is a huge difference between the person interested in dating and the person looking for a serious relationship. That is why this year will see the arrival of dating sites for people interested in finding a life partner, not just a girlfriend or boyfriend.

2. Apps will filter their users.

The number of people using dating apps is striking. The more opportunities you have, the harder your choice is. When you start practicing online dating, the fear of rejection disappears because you always have many better alternatives at hand. At the same time, you never feel fully satisfied with people you date online since you know there could be a better candidate.

Also, many people use these apps for fun and don’t plan to meet with their online dates offline while more and more users tend to look for a life partner. This is how online dating can be frustrating. Experts predict that apps will verify users’ intentions and increase fees to weed out people not interested in serious relationships.

3. Online dates will grow into offline encounters faster.

The convenience of dating apps is undeniable. But virtual dating is amorphous – people can’t get married and start family online. People began to realize that live interaction is the only way to become better at dating and build a healthy relationship. That’s why they want to accelerate this transition between chatting online and at a café. This year, apps will come up with new ways to make their users go out on real dates with their online matches.

4. Dating will get more old-fashioned.

There is a tendency among millennials towards more meaningful relationships. It would be too bold to say that the hookup culture is slowly dying out, but many people genuinely want to build relationships rather than seek casual sex. Leaving their houses, having meaningful conversations, and trying to become emotionally connected with new people may seem challenging to them but they are ready to accept this challenge.

5. People of all generations will be involved in online dating.

Although dating apps are already being used by people of all ages and walks of life, 2017 will see even more happy dating stories. Teenagers and seniors will look for love online and share the photos of their happy faces in their profiles.

The bottom line is that dating apps will be focused more on relationships rather than hooking up. 

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