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Top Brands Share Tips on Building a Robust Brand Presence on Instagram

Instagram has achieved phenomenal growth and success over the last few years and has fast become a powerful and versatile social media platform for marketing a business and promoting a brand. Instagram is consistently promoting retail, beauty, fashion, and even food and more. Instagram presently has over 1 billion MAUs and 500 million DAUs. In reality, the number of DAUs has more than doubled to 500 from 200 in just a few months or even less.

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However, according to forbes, the most enticing fact for various businesses is that over 80 percent of the total Instagram users are following at least, one business or brand on Instagram. People are engaging with brands on this powerful marketing platform 10 times more as compared to Facebook, 54 times more as compared to Pinterest, and 84 times more as compared to Twitter. On the other hand, it is interesting to note that 71 percent of brands are having accounts on Instagram as when users follow a brand 75 percent would possibly take action.

We know that having a consistent and robust Instagram presence would be building solid and thriving brand awareness and creating long-lasting relationships that lead to organic growth on a long-term basis. We know that numerous brands are vying for your attention and Instagram is the best way for a brand to stand out successfully from the rest. Let us explore some expert branding tactics on Instagram from top brands.

Focus on the Use of More User-Generated Content

Brands could be using Instagram for a host of reasons like enhancing brand awareness and boosting engagement with specifically, the target audience, promoting their services and products for the purpose of social selling. One of the premium brands on Instagram, Adobe is using the platform clearly to boost brand awareness and spike Instagram engagement. Moreover, they seem to be having an incredible strategy for helping them achieve their goals and objectives and the strategy is that they are totally dependent on user-generated content.

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This definitely generates fabulous content for their specific Instagram profile and even promotes their services and products in a highly effective and efficient way such as via word of mouth. UGC could be an unbelievably robust marketing tool if you could inspire users to create it, for instance, Adobe certainly established an impressive team of brilliant brand ambassadors who are consistently promoting the brand whenever they use the hashtag while posting the image. Adobe consistently encourages user-generated content from their audience. You could do the same by starting a user-generated campaign just like Adobe.

  • Choose a theme, for instance, people using or wearing your products in fascinating ways.
  • Choose a fantastic hashtag and better make it crisp, short, easy to write, and catchy.
  • Promote your specific user-generated campaign successfully on your Instagram profile with videos, images, and stories and even in your bio for encouraging and tempting people to participate.

In this context, you could boost your brand by seeking the brilliant services of gramblast for real Instagram likes, views, and followers.

Put Your Products on Display

One major reason why businesses use Instagram is that they could successfully display and showcase their top products and even services and consistently drive more and more traffic directly to their website and boost sales indirectly. This strategy is implemented by Califia Farms and we know that the brand has gained phenomenal success. Califia Farms showcases various types of dairy-free products like almond milk coffees, dairy-free yogurts, and creamers etc. They follow a simple but very effective strategy.

They are sticking to promoting their products on this robust social media platform in a manner that works best on this platform that is with enticingly-plated foods. They use amazing pictures of food to drive more and more traffic to their official website and effectively inspire and impress their target audience with the various ways their products could be used. They use recipes and photogenic foods and so the pictures look splendid and they are truly mind-blowing.

The foods simply look delicious and the pictures of yummy foods are accompanied with detailed recipes and the followers realize that they could have access to the recipe by going straightaway to their bio. Once they go about clicking the link provided in the bio, they would at once be taken to the webpage where all the recipes are listed basically in chronological order.

Visitors would just require clicking on any recipe they need an at once, they would be redirected to the official website of Califia where they would get the full recipe. There’s a lot you could learn as a marketer from this effective branding strategy especially if your intention is to demonstrate your brand values, boost brand awareness, and showcase company culture. There are lots to be learned about effective branding on Instagram from Califia.

Find effective ways of showcasing all your products and various ways how they could be used by people. Use pictures and short videos.

Boost your site’s traffic by offering a good incentive to your followers and fans to go to your bio and click the hyperlink.

Showcase the Culture of Your Company

Water is supposed to be charity organization of repute. However, it has plenty to teach marketers both non-profit organizations and businesses about branding strategies on Instagram if your primary objective is to showcase the culture, vision, values, and even the humane side of your company.

Water is known for posting varied content consistently on their Instagram profile, however, their chief focus is primarily on the kind of work they are doing and all the people who make it possible to get the job done seamlessly. They are happy to share behind-the-scenes moments and they enjoy flaunting their interns in action. The branding principles to learn from them are:

  • Consider going behind-the-scenes to raise consumer curiosity and interest and focus primarily on generating content which complements that theme. Use good quality pictures and short videos of your interns or team developing an innovative product or creating a new project.
  • Demonstrate your brand values. Showcase via pictures, stories, and videos, the values upheld and supported by your brand.
  • The spotlight must necessarily be on your customers. Create effective case studies and post pictures of customers using your products.


You could explore a treasure trove of branding ideas and principles when you observe what brands are doing on Instagram for grabbing people’s attention and compelling them to take the right action.

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