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Top 8 Factors to Consider Before Developing a Mobile App

According to a report, the mobile app market will grow to $653 billion by 2025. The digital world is growing and evolving constantly, and an increasing number of people are investing in newer devices. We’ve been seeing a big shift where most people are moving to use smartphones instead of laptops and desktops. A mobile app is important for any company at any stage of the business.

Not only does an app provide improved visibility, but it also connects you with your customers in no time. Consider the following factors before you build a mobile app. This will help you ensure you do the right things and realize the full potential of your mobile app.

Understand the requirements of users

The first step in building a mobile app is to get an idea of your target audience and their requirements. It’s very important to know what they need, as the success of your application depends on that.

If your app doesn’t provide a solution to their problem, the users won’t download it on their mobile phones.

Some important pointers to keep in mind while conducting user research:

  • Build surveys and questionnaires to understand more about your users.
  • Take feedback from users wherever they give, on app stores, social media, or other means.
  • You need to define your objectives in a way that they align with what the users want to be successful.


Choosing the most suitable mobile app development platform is essential to ensure a successful app. If you want to stay up-to-date with this fast-paced marketplace, you should pick the right development platform for your application.

When thinking about which platform to use for your new app, picking an appropriate one can be tough. The process may also heavily depend on your requirements and the desired audience of your product. Given these options – Android, iOS, React Native, Windows and more – you should think about the user experience (UX). You then need to select the platform that will specifically target those who would use your product in the best manner.

Apart from the platform, you also need to choose whether to go for a hybrid app or a native app.

Native apps

Native apps are designed specifically for a single operating system and will not work with all types of devices. For instance, Android apps are written in JAVA or Kotlin and won’t run on iOS devices. Though with Kotlin things change a little but still it needs to be configured differently.

Hybrid apps

A hybrid app is an app that works on all platforms. This means that you can build one app, and that app will work on iOS and Android. Hybrid Apps offer easy building possibilities as well as easy access to functionalities.

App development team

One thing that should always be considered is the company that you choose when you’re building your app. The professional app development company you hire will play a pivotal role in the overall development of your app. They will help in making the app user-friendly and intuitive.

Before choosing a development company to help you build your app, make sure that you consider the following:

  • Assess the technical skills of the team
  • Go through their previous work
  • It is always important to consider the time of day when communicating since time zones can vary a lot in different countries.


Many factors govern how much it costs to develop a mobile app. So be sure you know all of these before setting a fixed budget. The following are the most prominent factors that affect the cost of a mobile app development project.

  • Location of the app development team
  • The complexity of the app
  • The number of third-party plugins that need to be integrated

Contact your mobile app developers to get an accurate estimate of the cost.

Earnings from the app

Before you build an app, you must be clear about how you will earn from the app. Here are some popular ways to earn from a mobile app.

  • Advertisements
  • Subscriptions
  • Selling Merchandise
  • In-App Purchases
  • Transaction Fees

Assess the best way to earn from your mobile app and implement it.

Always go with MVP

In such a competitive app market, it’s essential to test your app before releasing it. MVP or Minimum Viable Product allows you to do so with the most core features.

It can give you answers to questions related to the features and pain points of your app’s users. Just like an MVP, it lets you introspect the possible impact of your app on the market. You can also create an MVP to know what your app can do. An MVP is considered a great way of creating a proof of concept.

Maintenance and Development

Mobile app maintenance is one of the most critical steps in the app development process. It entails eliminating bugs and glitches and improving the overall experience of your users. This stage focuses on fixing errors and updating existing features so that the app meets the expectations of users.

App Marketing

It is important to market your app to your users. One of the ways that you can get a user’s attention when they look at the app store or advertisement is by telling them that there are great offers waiting for them. It’s important to have a well-designed landing page that converts a high percentage of visitors to customers. If you want your business to grow, try A/B testing and avoid common marketing mistakes. Go with techniques like app store SEO and social media advertising.


It’s important to make these considerations before you launch a mobile app. Your app won’t be as vulnerable if you pay attention to them, which is why it’s more strategic than technical. Plus, the majority of people use their phones for work purposes, so developing a mobile app should be at the top of your list when considering how your company is going to grow.

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