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Top 10 Quick Money Making Tips for Beginners

Look, everyone wants to make quick money and especially if you are a beginner. We are not here to judge, but yes, there can be many reasons for earning quick cash. May be, it’s a new year, your sister’s birthday or you want to save for your next month’s rent. So, whatever the reason may be, here are some special tips which will help you make quick earnings.

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Basically, in today’s scenario, there are lots of ways to earn quick money quickly and some of them will literally help you get healthy and other can inspire change in you. Some ways can get your voice out in the world and others can help you declutter your home.

One of the most commonly used way is to register yourself on various research paper writing websites like Essay on Time. These sites require many skillful writers who can do work in a shorter span of time and mind it they also pay well. Therefore, its nothing wrong in looking for new income streams and the more important it will help you make some extra money to pay your debts easily.

Below mentioned is the list of top 10 quick money making tips for beginners:

1. Online Surveys

One of the most commonly used method is doing online surveys. This is becoming rapidly common amongst students who fill online surveys in their spare time. Various research companies are always recruiting new members to answer such surveys. So, for a few minutes of form filling you can earn some money.

2. Share your info with Google

Another way to earn quick money is to simply share your info with Google, because various companies like Google will pay you to install their app on your cell phone and further this can continue for various months.

3. Return Stuff

Another innovative way to make money is to return your past purchases for cash. Basically, think about all the items that you bought in past 2 or 3 months that are still in their original box with their tags attached on or at least look brand new. Most stores will give you cash back with a receipt.

4. Become an Uber driver

Becoming a part time Uber driver is also one of the best ways to make money. It has been seen that Uber drivers make as much as some full time jobs if there are enough riders in the area. This means you can make good amount of money in just a few hours.

5. Online market trading

Nowadays you can also make a good amount of money with the help of various online market trading platforms. Various platforms like Plus500 offers free account set up for their CFD service which is worth taking it.

6. Get Paid to be in better shape

Now, the other superb idea to make money quickly is to get paid for becoming slim and fit. We all know that every year people make the same resolution and that is to get in better shape, but this year you will have some extra motivation when you will get paid for it. Further, if you are already in shape, then start a small camp at your nearest park. Trust me, people will really like it.

7. Sell scrap metal

You can also earn good by selling all your old scrap, which includes metals, iron and brass items. All these metals are very valuable and you can get good amount of cash by selling them. With this, you can also declutter your house easily.

8. Start your own website

Another easy way to earn money is by starting your own website. It’s like making money while you sleep. Yes, it's true. You can easily start your own website with Bluehost and that too just in 15-20 minutes.  Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to monetize your website easily.

9. Always open a 2nd bank account

This is the easiest way to earning money quickly. There are various banks which will pay you for just opening a bank account with them. Having multiple bank accounts will also help you to save your money at different places. So, you can say that this is a superb and less time consuming idea for earning money quickly.

10. Write and publish your Kindle eBook

Last but not least tip to make money quickly is by writing and publishing your Kindle ebook. Nowadays, with Amazon Kindle store, anyone can easily publish an ebook and make money through it. Further, the Kindle app is now easily available for almost any type of device.

Therefore, the above explained are some of the top 10 quick money making tips for beginners. So, just go ahead and choose some of them which suit your needs the best.

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  1. Hey Nirmal,
    Awesome ways to earn quick money for the students… Your article is really impressive and an eye-catching title, Your tips to earn money online will be really useful to earn money and the tip which i really liked the most is 6. Get Paid to be in better shape , can you explain it little bit more that how people can earn through it as their are many readers who will be searching for it.
    Thanks for letting us know the ways of earning and please share your knowledge on Tip no. 6 Get Paid to be in better shape??

  2. It is very nice and useful Money Making Tips for Beginners. I like it. Thanks for sharing this tips with us ……….

  3. These are some awesome money making tips. I often sell the stuff that I no longer use on eBay, that makes me some quick bucks. Starting a website is good in the long run. Sky is the limit if your website has a decent traffic. One just need to devote some time on the website.

    This is a great post. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  4. Thanks for sharing this list! I personally decided to start my own website. More precisely, a blog powered by WordPress. Also, you can become a freelance writer or translator, depending on your skills.

  5. Why do you say that always open 2nd bank account? I do not get this point. Could you please explain it?

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