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“Rakhsha Bandhan”—The day to cherish the bond of love.

Rakhsha Bandhan is an auspicious and memorable day for every brother and sister. It is a day when every sibling pledges for the protection of each other and shares moments of eternal love.

Selecting the gifts has become challenging because of the pandemic. Due to lockdown and pandemics, it has become almost impossible to go shopping. But you can still opt for a better option, which has gained immense popularity lately, And the alternative option is shopping for the best designer rakhi online. Yes, now you can easily purchase rakhi online, without leaving your home.

Here are the top 10 trending Rakhi gift packages that you can give your sibling this rakhi.

Top 10 Rakhi Gift Packages for Siblings

Let’s get started.

1. Displaying the Sparkling Bond with a Combination of a Card, Rakhi, and Box of Cashew and Almonds

Does your brother/ sister love to eat dry fruits? Or are they in love with Cashew and Almonds? If the answer is yes, probably, you found the right gift for your beloved sibling. The combo pack is profuse, with a rakhi of multiple beads of various colors and one pearl in the between. 

2. Personalized Moon Lamp

Personalized gifts are always on the top of the list. And if you get the option to personalize a moon lamp and surprise your sibling? How unique will it be? Moon lamps are a great home decor item. And if it is personalized with a beautiful picture of both the siblings, it will enhance the appearance more.

3. Choco Chip Cookies and a Set of 2 Rakhi

This combo pack is another traditional yet innovative combo pack for rakhi. A box of Kaju Katli has become old-fashioned. Today, a packet of cookie chips can melt the heart of your sibling. And If they love eating chocolate chip cookies, nothing can be better than the tin pack combo.

4. Book a Sibling Tattoo Session this Rakhi

Today, tattoos have become a buzzword in every individual’s life. Why not a sibling tattoo. A sibling tattoo will be a great way to cherish the bond of brother and sister lifelong.

5. Holiday Package for Siblings and Cousins

This Raksha Bandhan, try something out of the box for the gift. Suppose you want to celebrate the moments with your brother and sister, how about a vacation or small outing with the siblings. Fresh air, scenic beauty, and old memories of childhood all together can make the moment more beautiful.

6. Appealing Rakhi with Nuts and Chocolate Combo

You might have come across the nut combo pack; this is a blend of chocolate and nut combo with excellent embellishment. The entire packaging is quite appealing and alluring that will undoubtedly make your sibling fall in love.

7. Awesome Siblingship Package

Gold is expensive and out of budget for your rakhi gift. Yes, you may not give gold, but you can try out this pack of awesome siblingship. In this pack, you will get a gold-plated rakhi, which has golden beads on it. It also carries a beautiful handcrafted card to add your message to make the entire gift more adorable.

8. Digital Wristwatch

A Digital or smartwatch as a rakhi gift can make your sibling’s day in this era of technology. It might be a bit expensive, but the gift will have extra value in it. Smartwatches can be one of the wise choices of present times.

9. Rakhi Wishes N Blueberries (American)

Indian dry fruits are common; surprise your sibling with a pack of jewels. Farmer’s American Dried Blueberries with the rakhi. How about that? Sounds exotic right?

10. Personalized Printed T-Shirt

Another Personalised gift. You can surprise your siblings with a personalized printed T-Shirt. You can go ahead and print pictures or quotes on the t-shirt. Both of you can wear the matching personalized shirt and go out. This shirt will stay as a memory for the sibling’s love.

Let’s Sum it Up

Rakhi is not a simple thread, and it is a string of selfless bonds of brother and sister. And Gifts make the entire process more alluring. Here we have suggested you top 10 gift ideas for Rakhi. Some are customized, and some are budget-friendly. When it’s a rakhi, cost doesn’t matter. Emotion is what matters the most.

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