Here the Tips You Probably Haven’t Tried to Overcome the Writers Block.

Writers block is an epidemic – one which has just about struck every writer more than once. And it continues to do so.

Apparently, the productivity of writers, all and sundry, takes a major hit when they find themselves struggling with the writers block. It happens particularly with content writers who write in excess of thousand words everyday and often feel burnt out. There is no dearth of moments when they start drawing a blank and have no idea what they should write on. And this is where the chase to look for ways to block out this writers block begins.

Now, this post isn’t exactly about the mainstream ways you adopt to get more ideas. As is the case, the mainstream ways have stopped clicking, and you need an approach that is not too relevant, but effective nonetheless. Even with your endeavor to overcome the writer’s block, you have to break the mold and look for ways that can really give some air to those creative juices and pitch you better to write long and good quality posts.

So, here are some not-so-tried and not-so-tested ways that can really get you going

Some Music Therapy – Listen to a Genre You Haven’t Been Listening to Much

Writer’s block stems from stress, and music has been a savior since generations when it comes to being bogged down by stress. You might sit with your friend for lengthy sessions of brainstorming, and still find yourself not zeroing in on anything. This is where music can have that therapeutic effect and it can calm down those nerves that have been really affecting you.

But this time around, play some music the likes of which you aren’t used to. If you are into Rock and all, try some classical music for change, or vice versa. Also, listen to those lyrics carefully and try imagining the different ways the message in the song could have been sent out through words.

Surf Some Not So Relevant Websites

At times, what really comes to the rescue is the access to some new words or a new style of writing that you aren’t used to in your writings. If you have been doling out articles on web designing day in and day out, it might be a good idea to expand your research beyond other web designing websites. Visit some websites that are more fun, let’s say a website that contains funny but long articles.

There are some exceptional websites where writers have a unique way of drafting their articles and use certain words and phrases that you might find intriguing, and even though they are used in an entirely different context, they just might end up something the likes of which you needed to break the shackles.

Write Something Unconnected

Alright, your job dictates strictly adhering to write ups around web design, but there is still enough scope to write something that won’t be ‘productive’ for your project peruse, but very resourceful nonetheless. Write a review of the latest movies you watched (of course, you don’t have to make your manager read it). You will find yourself thinking from a different perspective altogether once you start writing the review. And most likely, that different perspective will be seen from the first line of the review.

Because your thought process is changed, you are constructing your sentences in a manner that is uncharacteristic of your daily writing, and you are expanding your vocabulary beyond the usual. This further leads to a change in approach while you research for your article. A movie review on the outset may be irrelevant to your web designing domain, but there is a cluster of words and phrases that you often find on movie-heavy websites that are equally relevant for a post like Best WordPress Design Tips.

The Customary Practice of Reading it Loud

Well, this one hardly needs an introduction. You probably have been trying this since your primary school days, and it is as effective today as it was 15 years back.

There is no dearth of approaches you can take to get rid of the writers block. All you need is a keenness to experiment.

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