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The Latest WordPress 5.0 Features and Some Top WP Database Plugins - Classi Blogger

The Latest WordPress 5.0 Features and Some Top WP Database Plugins

WordPress 5.0 was released a few months ago, and it was one of the major WP releases, which comes with a whole lot of improvements and changes in fundamental features.

From this release in 2018, the WP developers are a bit confused about how to leverage these changes and make excellent websites. So, in this article, we are trying to show up a few best features of the latest WordPress 5.0, which you should try to update your websites.

The Latest WordPress 5.0 Features and Some Top WP Database Plugins - classiblogger
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New in WordPress 5.0

As we’d seen above, WordPress 5.0 is now a major release from the providers. So, if you haven’t taken a managed hosting service for your WordPress site, one should have to initiate this update manually. However, before attempting the update, don’t forget to take a full backup of the data.

The latest WordPress 5.0 features a fresh new editor named as Project Gutenberg. This is a brand-new approach to development by making it easier for the developers to use this block-based editor with which one can create mind-boggling layouts just by arranging content blocks appropriately.

Concept of block-based editor

As we experienced, the former WordPress editor had only a simple text window to edit the code and do the customization. Even though this worked well, the developers had to do hard-core hand coding and editing to add images, shortcodes, create galleries, embed videos, and add other elements into the content.

The brand-new Gutenberg editor, however, replaces this old editor by replacing it with a streamlined coding experience in which each of the content elements gets wrapped inside the block and function as a unit. It is possible for the developers to move them around the editor and change the settings to create more engaging and imaginative layouts without doing hard cording.

WordPress 5.0 comes with many default blocks for the most common content elements. You can use these blocks to instantly add images, video, audio, cover image, photo gallery, quotes, lists, text, media, and buttons, etc.

The process of content creation with blocks

Content blocks have their own set of tools and settings. Unlike the basic formatting options previously, you can now change the width of the content elements, including more colors, and also flexible play with other attributes. As followed by, let’s explore here a few settings of block-based design.

Block settings

In the new layout, widgets also got included in the form of blocks, so you can instantly add the shortcodes, comments, posts, archives, and categories.

Widget blocks

The new block-based editors make embedding much easier. You can expand the embeds section under add block to see all embed options supported.

Adding the embeds as blocks

With this, you can add tweets, videos, and Facebook feeds easily. Each of these embeds has a unique block, so it is easier for the developers to adjust the settings individually.

Video embed

If you feel distracted by admin sidebar at WP, then you can instantly switch to the full-screen mode. This will help hide the WP admin sidebar, and the users can have more room to design content.

Fullscreen mode

In WordPress 5.0, you will find the post editing features under sidebar. You can explore options for publishing, post-slug, permalink, tags and categories, excerpt, and more.

Create blocks and reuse them

During site maintenance, if you often add more things of the same style or using content, you can easily save a lot of time with the block-based development. Simply create reusable blocks at the first point and then make use of them when needed. Editing of blocks is easy based on your future needs. You can add such developed blocks into the repository by selecting the option of ‘Add to reusable blocks.’

Once on choosing this option, you will be asked to put a name for the block. Later, you can find it under the Add Blocks field and then instantly use them for the posts. However, WordPress 5.0 may not affect your old content, which you can still edit as you wish. While editing the old content, you may see that your content gets wrapped inside “Classic” editor block, where you can edit it.

In fact, if you want to use the old manual editor, you can simply use the Classic Editor plug-in to follow it.

Top WordPress Database plug-ins

WordPress stores site information like content, posts, settings, pages, comments, etc. by default in MySQL database. There are many ways through which you can access the data and manage it. It is also possible to back up the data from time to time to safeguard it. To run queries, you can use the phpMyAdmin tool, which can also be used to create an instant backup of the MySQL database from the control panel. However, when it comes to setting up the WP database, here we will discuss some top database plug-ins which will help you to achieve more.

1. UpdraftPlus

Actively use as one of the top data backup and restoration plug-in, UpdraftPlus has more than a million active installs across the globe. The team also offers the best support. The major features of the plug-in are:

– Backing up and restoring data in the database.
– One-click backup and pre-scheduled backup etc. are available.
– Many options for storage of backed up data at Dropbox, GDrive, Amazon S3, etc.
– Quicker operations without slowing down the website by using the server only at a minimal level.

2. VaultPress

This plug-in comes from the WordPress founder. This plug-in is built to take up all best practiced in terms of WordPress database management. The backup runs at real time by saving every single change you make. It performs automated daily backup too and sends the results to the user computer. Some other features are:

– Restoring the backup in a single click.
– Reviewing the suspicious codes for any threats
– Achieve of 30-day backups
– Prevention of spasm.

Some other top options when you consider the best WP database for your custom-made websites are BackWPup Free, WP-DB Manager Optimize Database After Deleting Revision, Participant Database, etc.

Considering WordPress development, databases are the most important assets to keep a close eye on. For businesses, data is now the most vital elements in business analytics and progress. So, you may take a keen consideration in terms of deciding the most appropriate database plug-in to enjoy a risk-free experience in database management.

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